Lemon basil - amazing hurb in Vietnam

Update: 1/29/2013

Lemon basil leaf thickness also called frequency. Control or coconut stew dish indispensable characteristic flavor of lemon basil. The gardens are always a few pots vegetables.

Plants herbaceous, perennial, 20-50 cm high. The body of the radical look of wood. Leaves opposite, thick, hard, brittle, succulent, rounded edges that respect. The whole plant is very small and hair smell aromatic lemon basil so called lemon. Plants containing a red substance called colein and essential oils containing carvacrol.
According to the dictionary of herbs and medicinal animals of the Institute of Pharmaceuticals, the bottom leaf vegetable oils have powerful inhibitory effect of bacteria such as bacillus mycoides, bacillus subtilis, tuberculosis, dysentery bacilli Flexner, convergence Streptococcus gold, Shiga bacillus, typhoid bacillus, pneumococcal, candida albicans, killing amoeba Entamocba moshkowskii, inhibit bacillus coli, Streptococcus, bacillus bacillus diphtheria and pertussis.
Lemon basil used as raw vegetables, raw fish served with delicious conducted. The vegetables are sour, fragrant, airlines, the warm, go to waste, usually is associated with the solution, and using an antiseptic and phlegm, detoxification.
Lemon basil leaves have therapeutic value, used in many ways other than pounding taken raw with salt water to soothe the cough lasts, except worms. Fresh lemon basil leaves for the retired and covered with gauze to prevent infection of skin wounds. Lemon basil leaves soaked with alcohol to remove the pain. In the Dominican Republic, people still use lemon basil leaf decoction for women, before and after childbirth. The most common is post cured the flu, cough, asthma, bee stings, sore throat, fever without sweating ... from lemon basil.
Very easy to grow lemon basil, leaves year round, is a popular medicinal herbs and essential for every family.
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