Interesting facts of jackfruit seeds

Update: 1/29/2013

Jackfruit is a main species of fruit. It belongs to the Artocarpus genus and hails from the mulberry family. Its habitat is the tropical lowlands. This fruit is one of the most nutritious and delicious one in the edible fruit kingdom.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about jackfruits.
This is the largest edible fruit.
It is highly nutritious and very beneficial for health.
It is a wonder tree. Every part of it is useful to mankind. The fruit is eaten, root extracts have medicinal value, furniture is made of its wood and the leaves are fed by the cattle in farms.
Jackfruit is available in stores in canned form round the year. But original season for jackfruits to ripen is spring to late summer. Unripe jackfruit is found naturally throughout the year in Asia.
There are a few varieties of jackfruit. Here is a brief introduction of those.
Black Gold
Fruits of this variety weigh about 6.5 kg. Almost 40% of the flesh of this fruit is edible. The soft pulp has a very strong sweet essence and taste. The outer skin of this variety of jackfruit is dark green colored with sharp spines.
This variety weighs about 2.5 kg. About 33% of the fruit is edible flesh. It has an admirable flavor with an earthy essence.
Each fruit weighs around 1.5 kg. About 35% of the flesh of this variety of jackfruit is edible.
Dang Rasimi
This particular variety weighs around 8 kg and 32% of it is edible. It tastes mildly sweet and is pleasantly aromatic.
Golden Nugget
This variety of jackfruit has 41% of edible flesh and weighs about 3.2 kg. They are round shaped and light green colored. The skin is covered with fleshy spines all over. Those spines flatten with the fruit’s maturity. The flesh is golden-yellow colored and very sweet flavored.
Golden Pillow
This variety is also known as Mong Tong. Weight of these fruits varies between 3.6 and 5.5 kg. Since the size varies in this variety of fruit so the amount of edible flesh also varies between 35 and 40%.

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