Processing of making canned pinapple

Update: 2/2/2013

Pineapple is usually made in the form of juice pulp, perforated (coarse filter).

Pineapple varieties can be used for processing pineapple, but pineapple flowers for good quality products (beautiful golden color, taste) and material consumption at least. Do not use over-ripe pineapple (taste) or too green, you can use combination of cutting waste materials were removed in the production of pineapple in syrup, to the processing of pineapple juice.
Before pressing, the need to pineapple fruit on the driver shaft with to increase performance pressure. Hydraulic performance reached 55 - 60% in screw presses only 40 - 50%.
To the taste of the product is uniform and increased, they added sugar and citric acid to dry 15 - 16% and 0.5 and 0.6% acidity.
After blending, straining raw pineapple juice, then raise the heat on the heat transfer plate or chicken intestinal type (thermal loading as boiling water or steam) for 20 - 30 seconds to remove the precipitate. If packed in iron boxes No. 13, No. 14, sterilizing formula 10-20-10/100oC. If packed in glass bottles of 0.65 liters or 0.75 liters do not need to be pasteurized, but to raise the temperature up 100 - 105oC before pouring into the packaging. Then cooled rapidly with cold water or air temperature at 2 - 8oC.
In other countries, when people still use pineapple juice processing presses helix axis high-speed centrifugal mixing machine or to assimilate to homogeneous products, pasteurized at 80-82oC for 20 - 30 minutes or 88oC or hot poured in 88 - 90.5 oC. Pineapple juice is used to make juice mixed (dispensing with grapefruit juice ...) to pour in canned pineapple in syrup (premium) instead of sugar.
To produce one ton of canned pineapple juice: 3.8 Tons results


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