Vietnam sugarcane's price is falling quickly in the last harvest

Update: 3/20/2013

Business department of Can Tho Sugarcan Joint Stock Company (Hau Giang province) said it was due to effects from pushing up the fight against smuggling at the border next to An Giang province.

The sugar's price rised from 13.700-13.800 / kg to 14,000 VND / kg. However, the sugar consumption's been slow because of a large number of inventories, the price of sugarcane materials around this area's kept falling and almost stayed  still.
Currently,  in the last sugarcane harvest in Cu Lao Dung (Soc Trang province), although the sugar amount gets 11 CCS, sugarcanes are still sold about 850-950 VND / kg. Meanwhile, manufactures in Eastern Vietnam purchase at the price1,150,000 / ton.

Therefore, the current price of sugarcane in the Mekong Delta is less than 150 VND / kg compared to the previous season (2011-2012). Sugarcane farmers (included count on the price of 700-750 VND / kg), their interest are only about 20 million VND / ha.

That's why there is alarm of sugarcane growing areas in Hau Giang province and ohers can be reduced, because there are sugarcane farmers turning into rice growers.
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