The coconut price is rising day by day

Update: 3/23/2013

Since Luna New Year, many coconut growers in Ben Tre and Tien Giang province have  been very excited because the coconut prices've kept rising. However, at this time many households do not have enough coconut to sell ...

Curently, Xiem coconut are priced at 82,000 VND / dozen (12 pieces), coconut must be 57,000 VND / dozen as well, but the selling price right in gardens must be about 65,000 - 70,000 VND/ dozen.

However, so far as prices continue rising, coconut growers are focusing on investment intensive farming and keep the progress stable and take advantage of this price to harvest.
Even local traders hunt to buy coconut right gardens with high prices.

However, the amount of coconuts after Tet holidays are fewer and fewer, the average purchasing at store is just around 4000 - 5000 pieces everyday;  instead of collecting tens of thousands at peak time as usual.
Raw coconut materials purchasing price right in gardens cost 65,000 - 75,000 VND / dozen (depending on areas), increasing 30,000 - 35,000 VND / dozen compared to the price one month ago.

The reasons for the price increasing is coconuts are kept staying still,  dry coconuts are scarce; while demand for exporting coconut rise, especially to the markets such as China, Cambodia, Korea, that  are in need of importing coconut in large quantities.

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