The difference of Vietnam anchovies

Update: 3/29/2013

In the middle of July is the season of anchovy fishery in the central provinces of Vietnam, from Quang Ngai province to Binh Thuan province. 

According to many experts, the sea areas of Vietnam and Thailand, count on about 80% of anchovy species in the world. There're many anchovy type. Now there is a clear material division ammong the central provinces of Vietnam, leading to distinction of quality and export markets.

Anchovies from Nha Trang city, Tuy Hoa city, Quy Nhon province  and Quang Ngai province  have small sizes (1 - 2cm, 2 - 3cm, 3 - 4 cm), high-tech and good processing quality,  blue beauty, no dust, equally size, natural flavor.

Those are Vietnam famous locals for the high quality anchovy processing, big yield, and the products are sold throughout the Asia-Pacific (APEC).

Korean market experts said: Korea import not only anchovies from Vietnam but also from Thailand and China (after they purchase anchovies of Viet Nam for processing). The rich there usually buy small size anchovies in supermarkets, but the poor  still buy big size anchovies.

Source: - - by Thanh Tu
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