Dried Anise Stars

Update: 4/4/2013

Dried Anise Stars are available year-round. 

Dried Anise star is a member of the Magnolia family and is the seed pod from the evergreen tree, Illicium verum. The Anise star gets its name due to its shape which has eight pointed arms in the shape of a star. It has a deep reddish brown rust color and is about one inch in height.

The flavor of the dried Anise star is similar to Anise seeds, however has a more pronounced licorice taste. Antheol is the chemical compound that gives this seed its distinct aroma and flavor. 
Nutritional Value
The Star anise is a rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin C. 
The Star anise is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. It is a main component of the five-spice powder which is applied to slowly cooked dishes. The Star anise's licorice flavor is often used in traditional Vietnamese dishes such as Pho Bo soup and is often the covert ingredient in Indian stews and curries. 
The Star anise is native to southern China and Vietnam. The history of the Star anise dates back to 100BC and is harvested from an evergreen which takes 15 years to produce the seed. Star anise is found mainly growing in southern China and Southeast Asia due to the difficulty of transplanting the tree.

The Star anise was introduced to Europe in the 16th century by an English sailor where it was used in syrups, jams and puddings because of its sweet flavor. The Star anise is important in traditional oriental medicine in which it is used as a digestive aid, cure for colic and other digestive disorders. 


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