Green skin pomelo prices up nearly double compared with last year

Update: 4/26/2013

Currently, the kind of pomelos are sold at farms with prise 45.000 - 50.000 VND per kg. " Nam Roi " pomelos and dragon pomelos are about 18.000 - 25.000 per kg, the price this moment is double high compared with that last year.

In Ben Tre province, according to Mr. Hung Dam Van, CEO of Huong Mien Tay Co.,LTD,  green skin pomelos type 1 (over 1.4kg/fruit, nice skin) are bought at price 60.000 VND per kg, type 2 (1.2 - 1.4 kg/ fruit) are bought at price 50.000 VND per kg.
This price is higher nearly 10.000 VND per kg compared with that in the middle of last March, and higher 25.000 - 26.000 VND per kg compared with the highest price in last year.
According to farmers, pomelo price increasing high is because that farmers tried to harvest pomelos for Tet Holiday, so there're not many pomelos any more. Moreover, because of Greening desease attack, farmers turmed to plant other fruit crops causing pomelo yield decreasing.  

According to Mr. Hung, pomelo prices up is caused by pod borers raging that creates the lack of supply, while domestic and export demands are up stronngly, most in the Northern Vietnam market---  That's all the reasons why pomelo prices up so high recently.
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