There's no Chinese stimulants in Vietnamese pinapples

Update: 7/5/2013

VINAGRI News - Mr. Lam Nguyen Van, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan Phuoc District, Tien Giang province, confirmed that the rumors about Tan Phuoc farmers spraying growth stimulants on pineapples is not true.

The rumors made agricultural consumption of this district more difficult, pineapple prices plummeted, affecting to income of households in Dong Thap Muoi area.
Mr. Lam Nguyen Van  said, the truth is that there were two Chinese traders pretended travellers and asked a Vietnamese    broker to buy pineapples at high prices at garden of a farmer in Thanh Hung (Tan Phuoc district) on condition that pinapples must be sprayed with  a stimulant they brought from China.
The farmer agreed but just accepted to spray for test a part of 10 ha yard of the family.
On 18/4,  on the way taking the stimulant to spray, the two traders were detected and prevent by the local function in time. So, those Chinese illegal growth stimulant have not been used in Tan Phuoc pineapples.
About the two Chinese traders, they totally confessed that the growth stimulant were taken illegally to spray on Vietnames pineapples, to gain  fruit weight fastly and make them shiny.
Thanks to the public communication and popularizing to farmers in time Tan Phuoc so they were very cautious, no households use any  illegally chemicals or stimulants  to spray on pineapples to make profits.
On the other hand, farmers also enhance applying advanced techniques to gain yield and quality of export pineapples. Typical agricultural cooperative Quyet Thang (Tan Phuoc) has successfully grown and certified VietGAP criteria on 30 ha of pineapples .
With nearly 15,000 ha growing pineapples, Tan Phuoc province achieve annual pineapple yield of over 230,000 tons for consumption and export. /.

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