Prices of sweet potato for export increase

Update: 5/13/2013

Prices of  Japanese purple sweet potatos for export currently are about  650,000 - 700.000 VND / 60kg, increase 100.000d/ 60 kgs, compared to those at the end of  March, but still less than those at the beginning of February about 500,000 / 60 kgs.

At the same time, traders who buy sweet potatos for export to China keep ordering and purchasing,  even collecting pumpkin sweet potatoes at 160,000 - 170.000 VND / kg; pumpkin potatos is purchased approximately 90,000 - 100.000 VND / 60 kgs.

According to sweet potato suppliers, exporters focus on cheap items like pumpkin sweet potatos, although the rate of loss in transit is always higher than the Japanese purple sweet potatos, but it's still more effective to trade cheap sweet potatoes, counting on value business  .
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