Nam Dinh province: Tens of thousand tons of jellyfish were exported

Update: 5/14/2013

According to ARD Nam Dinh province, from the beginning of jellyfish harvest ( from January to April in the lunar calendar), the seafood processing enterprises in Hai Hau district has exported 7,000 tons of finished jellyfish products, and the businesses in GIao Thuy district exported about 5,000 tons jellyfish.
Nam Dinh Province has 72 kms of coastline, stretching over 3 districts Giao Thuy, Hai Hau and Nghia Hung. Each year, fresh jellyfish yield exploited in this province are  about 12000 - 15000 tons.
Jellyfish purchasing and processing in the coastal districts of Nam Dinh province have appeared since a long time ago, but purchasing with big quantity for export has just developed for the last 10 years. At Giao Thuy and Hai Hau district, there are over 10 businesses purchasing jellyfish.
Currently,  there are approximately 150 - 200 tons of jellyfish purchased each day. After being bought, jellyfish are classified, salted in tanks for squeezed out, divided into legs, bodies,  ... then boxed for export or domestic consumption. "
Salted jellyfish products are not prefered in domestic market. Foreseeing this mentality, the seafood processing business has expanded markets to Korea market besides traditional China market.
At present, China market main consumption is jellyfish legs, with approximately export price  600,000 VND / barrel (10 kgs), while the Korean market are mainly imported salted jellyfish body, with price 200,000 VND / barrel ( 10kgs). 
According to Hong Chau -
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