Vinh Chau onion prices suddenly rise

Update: 5/6/2013

After a long time being banned by the biggest onion market is Indonesia , dropping significantly, onion prices in Vinh Chau (Soc Trang) have increased . However, farmers are also out of onions to sell.

Mr. Cong Nguyen Chi , Vice Chairman of Vinh Chau's comittees, said that  at the present time, the prices of onion have increased sharply (17-18 thousand VND / kg, depending on the type). Traders scrambled to collect in the population, but cannot still buy enough goods because it's the end of the harvest.
According to Mr Cong, in the whole onion growing area  in Vinh Chau, there're currently only 10 households that still store enough goods for sale with high prices, each household  store around 5 to 7 tons onions.
He said " Most of these households  have stable economic, not trending the yields, they make products with good quality, long shelflife. When prices lowed down, they didn't sell the onions but stored them until the prices increased at the end of harvest. 
This local is considered the "capital" of Mekong Delta onions, the total output of the supply to markets every year is over 150 thousand tons.
A paradox existing at the "capital" of Mekong Delta onions farmers are always getting difficulty in consumption by importers, although the main products of this local were certified Global GAP standard (certification of good agricultural practice worldwide).
By Hoang Hanh -
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