Lychees have high prices

Update: 6/17/2013


Survey of Vietnam Agriculture  in 2 barns fabric of the country is Luc Ngan (Bac Giang provimce) and Thanh Ha (Hai Duong provimce) shows, though  the yiled is not higher than that in  the previous years, but this year the prices are  high ,  the consumption is good.
Thanh Ha: double victory
These days, the opportunity to communes in Thanh Ha district, everywhere can see air exhilaration of the people here in harvest fabric. This year, people in Thanh Ha litchi excited along with satisfactory performance, the price is high and stable.
Thanh Ha district has nearly four thousand hectares of fabric, in which more than one thousand hectares is early cloth, the remaining lychee. Currently the area of ​​early fabric has basically harvested, with yields at about 8 thousand tonnes, slightly lower than the same period a year ago. Beginning in the fall, early canvas sold for $ 25-30 thousand VND / kg, higher than last year about 10 thousand VND / kg. After the early fabric, lychee moment began to harvest. Average price lychee in garden traders purchased for 15 thousand VND / kg. The gardens are of high quality fabrics, big fruit, round, ripe red ... be bought for more than $ 20 thousand VND / kg, more than 5 thousand VND / kg compared to this time last year.
With such high prices, income in Thanh Ha litchi higher. Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhan Co commune in Germany, said the lowest price fabric (category 3) are also sold in garden 13 thousand VND / kg, also of higher quality, nearly 20 thousand VND / kg. According to growers canvas, 20 years ago, they had a winning season dual fabric like this.
Estimates of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Thanh Ha shows fabric production in this district will be around 23-25 ​​thousand tons, which accounted lychee to 17 thousand tons, equivalent to fabric output service in 2012. This year, due to innovations in business promotion by measures such as organizing conferences lychee consumption; planning, registration, venue management and procurement at the local fabric tight ... Should traders flock of fabric acquisition also significantly more often than in previous years, especially many foreign traders to directly purchase locally. Therefore, people have more choices in consumption rather than bargaining as the previous year.
To enhance brand value Thanh Ha lychee, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has developed a production model with standard VietGAP pilot 32ha area, offering high efficiency. The model has been implemented since 2012, which had made a number of points in conjunction with local advocacy training for growers of technical processes of care, post-harvest storage. To date, hundreds of farmers successfully applied. This has contributed to enhancing the value lychees, brand development and Thanh Ha lychee.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development, said that as a result, this year's seasonal fabric Thanh Ha district continues to expand area under litchi production process VietGAP some other localities.
Luc Ngan: 50% of  lychees are exported
Kim Cloth Market Street - where major purchase lychee in Luc Ngan district. New 7 pm, but the market was crowded. The motorcycle carrying cloth to sell nuom nuop tandem pulled from across the roads. Along Highway 31 in the town of Chu, the purchase of open packing of capacity, lots of immature red cloth cover, boxed for shipping to consumption.
On the face cheerfully, his core Kien Kien Lao commune, to sell the fabric, said this year, but the fabric of the family and the household in the village has decreased slightly compared with last year, by the end of October, beginning of the month 11/2012 rainy, high humidity limit flower bud differentiation, but because the price should lychee everyone excited. Time farmers as well as the Lao Kien commune, town of Luc Ngan is urgently finish harvesting the main crop of tea cloth to spend further time consuming cloth later.
This year, Luc Ngan lychee average yield 70-80 tons of fresh fruit, a total of 140 thousand tons of the province. Winning cases, many households have sold more than 20 thousand VND / kg. Luc Ngan litchis are sold in three main categories: fresh fruits, dry cloth and fabric processing canned foam.
According to Dao Xuan Cuong, Deputy Director of Bac Giang Department of Trade and Industry, at present, the output of Bac Giang province early fabric has sold out, about 26.3 thousand tons. Vai began late harvest. Average provincial consumes about 4 tons / day.
By the end of day 12/6, the total consumption of lychee in Bac Giang is over 60 thousand tons (40% of total estimated production in the province). In particular, Luc Nam district sold 18 thousand tons, Luc Ngan 17 thousand tons, 11 thousand tons Yen, Tan Yen 6.5 thousand tons ...
"The consumer market of Bac Giang lychee including local, national and export to the Chinese market. In particular, the domestic market is mainly concentrated in Hanoi, Bac Giang and neighboring provinces in the North and the South are mostly Ho Chi Minh City. The amount of Bac Giang lychee be made through the gate in Lang Son and Lao Cai, accounting for nearly 50% of total production in the province. Export price of about 6-7 yuan / kg (20-24.000d/kg), "Cuong said.
+ Stone plant in Luc Ngan, head for double the price
Luc Ngan Currently, the price of ice for transport to lychee consumption has more than doubled compared to the beginning of the season, because the service is lychee harvest. Accordingly, the price of ice ranges from 35-40 thousand VND / trees taller than 20 thousand cases / trees. Department lychee in 2013, in Luc Ngan district has added 13 ice manufacturing facilities new construction investment, bringing the total ice production facilities in the district to 51 units.
+ Khanh Hoa: Price lychee hypothermia
In the markets in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) price lychee recent days "cooling down" quickly. In early May last, lychee type 1 with $ 60 thousand VND / kg, up to this point just over 30 thousand VND / kg. Fabric of two from 45-50 thousand VND / kg dropped to 25 thousand VND / kg. Survey of the PV market NNVN Dam (the largest market Nha Trang) at the stall selling fruit, lychee items sold modestly. Here each presentation booth just over 10 kg lychee, which many have to stand 15kg. (Đ.Thanh)
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