Efficient use of shrimp flour as fish feed

Update: 6/17/2013

Shrimp or Shrimp Meal Distribution is by-products processing industry: shrimp were removed before freezing or after processing is handled by sun drying or drying. There are several kinds of shrimp paste on the market depending on the type of raw material used. It may contain shrimp, and / or all parts of the head such as shrimp or peel. Shrimp powder can also be made from fresh shrimp.

For industry dried shrimp processed it includes a scrap of meat, shrimp heads and shells behind the meat extract.Approximately 70% will not be used, so that the large number of shrimp waste from the manufacturing process. A portion of the crude protein is stored in the form of powdered shrimp chitin, which is not easily digestible .


Shrimp Powder is produced by sun exposure or drying. The raw materials can also be boiled or steamed before drying.The dried product is often marketed or crushed form. In addition, we also use wet (raw shrimp or compost) can also be mixed with soybean meal. More shrimp chitin powder, shrimp powder with a little adhesive ability of GRAIN . 

Environmental impact:

Use shrimp meal as animal feed as part of waste management in the shrimp industry.

Use flour to feed shrimp

Use shrimp meal as feed for ruminant animals

Shrimp-products can be fed to cattle and sheep.

Use shrimp meal as feed for cattle

Shrimp meal has been seen as a livestock feed for dairy value since it is accepted, and no adverse effects on milk quality .

Use shrimp meal as feed for sheep

For sheep fed with waste shells mixed with Streptococcus milleri group (such as chitin-degrading bacteria) does not alter animal performance and reduce feed costs . However, shrimp meal supplemented soybean stems and leaves and the maximum amount of grass-based diets in sheep Nigeria did not give results as good as the results obtained with the other components.

Use shrimp meal as feed for pigs

The value of protein powder is just right for pork shrimp. Chitin content at a high level will have an effect on the digestive sense. The author suggests not completely replace fish meal with shrimp meal in diets for pigs . Replacing a maximum level of 50% fish meal protein. On the other hand, shrimp powder was also found to stimulate growth

Use shrimp meal as feed for poultry

Flour is a raw shrimp feed value for poultry.

Use shrimp meal as feed for chickens
Shrimp meal may replace fish meal, soybean meal in broiler diets. Substitution rates ranged from 25% to 66% for fish meal ] and from 50% to 100% for soybean meal. However, shrimp powder completely replace fish meal, soybean meal were also reduced breeding efficiency. 

As a protein source used to supplement the diet on corn, soybeans, recommendations range from 5% ] to 10% ]. 

Shrimp powder is also used as a pigment supplements in chickens: 6% added to the diet, including wheat flour, soy flour results showed good chicken skin pigmentation. 

Protein quality of shrimp by-product meal was found to be inferior to fish meal, but has improved as lysine and methionine supplementation (E) (CAB 20,001,408,357) (Fanimo, 2000). Performance-product meal, dried shrimp oven higher than the exposure in the sun (G) (CAB 19,991,411,690) (Oduguwa, 1998).

Use shrimp meal fed to hens

Changing the diet from 4% [15] to 25% [17] Which does not alter performance and egg quality livestock. Replacement of fish meal with shrimp paste at high levels may result in rates lower feed conversion .

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