Herb prices are getting high

Update: 6/19/2013

At this time, many farmers in My Phu, An Hiep and Tuy An district, Phu Yen province are very excited because this year the prices of herbs are high.
Herb prices are deposited by traders to be cut right in the gardens with very high price 2.500d/ per package, it's 5 - 6 times higher than that in the time before .
Mr. Hung Nguyen, a growing herb farmer in Phu My Village, An Hiep district (Tuy An), said: "The advantage of herbs is less capital investment, mainly need of watering,  if they get specialized care, they can be harvested many ages with only once planting. If they get   high prices, they bring back very high income. That's why people here raise them so much. "
High herb prices have stimulated the local farmers in promoting the restructuring of plant seeds, raise income, improve family life.
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