Chilli growers got 2 good news in the harvest this year. (Vietnam)

Update: 6/22/2013

The price of fresh buying by traders in fields from 18,000-20,000 VND / kg, higher than the 3000-5000 VND / kg as compared to last year.
This time, farmers in Loc Binh District, Chi Lang (Lang Son) is entering the chili harvest season with joy, is the price. The price of fresh buying by traders in fields from 18,000-20,000 VND / kg, higher than the 3000-5000 VND / kg as compared to last year.
Trees are easy to grow, easy to care for high harvest last few years many farmers in Loc Binh District (Lang Son) has transformed the area into planting vegetable chilli export only natural. Currently in Loc Binh district (Lang Son) has an area of ​​approximately 50 ha planted peppers, Dong focused on the Podium, Spring Festival, Spring Man, By Khanh ...
People entering the chili harvest with joy the whole season prices. Anh Hoang Thanh Tung village you donate, By Khanh commune (Loc Binh District) hands freshly picked peppers inspiring said: "This year my family planted 3 acres of natural chilli export only, due to favorable weather and pressure the technical process, so take good care of each harvest than 100kg of fresh peppers. With prices ranging from 18,000-20,000 VND / kg as now, each time for harvest income nearly 2 million. Peppers will grow more than 2 months for harvest within 1 month, then 10 days to come back and harvest lasts from 3 to 4 months.
It is expected that this year for my family chili profit of over 30 million. " Not only his family Tung, hundreds of chili growers in Loc Binh District also very excited when it comes to performance and price peppers this time. According to her children, but does not increase the price of peppers this year than last year is how high (higher than from 3000-5000 VND / kg), but if this keeps stable at the higher income from pepper plants all over feet planted on the same land.
At Chi Lang district is one of the only locally grown peppers most export bias in the province of Lang Son. Peppers are grown in the Northern Water commune, Ly Nhan, Mai Sao, The Son, Quang Lang ... A few years back, from planting peppers earned farmers a significant source of income.
So, since there were only some scattered households planted from 2008, to 2010, the area of ​​the district has increased peppers 50 ha, in 2012, an area of ​​80 ha continues to grow and in 2013, the area increased Hurry up to 100 ha. 2 years ago, the average price of chillies ranging from -15 000 VND 13,000 / kg.
Family from 4-5 acres planted will reach 30-40 million income. This year, the seasonal chili, chili for the first time is the price so farmers are excited. Just quickly harvested chili, Mr. Lang Van Hien, A rural industry, Ly Nhan commune, Chi Lang District happily said: "Every year, more families are planted 2 acres of peppers. This year, more chili harvest, each bird was collected on 600 kg. The first few days for each kg of chillies sold over 30,000 e. Currently, prices range from chili 18000-20000 / kg. Thus, only 2 acres of peppers, his family also had a revenue of about 20 million. "
Compared to other crops, planting peppers bring higher economic efficiency 3-4 times. She started growing peppers from the end of February and in March, May and harvested peppers start to the end of June. Where peppers to harvest, traders to purchase all the people that should be very excited. Growing peppers not take much capital investment, the money just was only 100 thousand acres planted 1.
Van Hoang Anh Tuan, traders said buying peppers: chili prices to rise in recent times due to strong domestic consumption, exports raw peppers to China, Korea ... are very smoking restaurant. Many traders have placed in the local facility to purchase, but the supply is not enough demand.
Lang Son advocates promote plant restructuring, including the expansion of the area planted peppers. So the area has increased significantly peppers and chili majority of traditional varieties have been replaced by high-yielding varieties, yield, high economic efficiency.
Source:  according to Hoang Van Huong
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