A new type of dragon fruit has been bred successfully in Vietnam

Update: 2/7/2013

According to Associate Professor - Dr. Chau Nguyen Minh, Director of SOUTHERN HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH  INSTITUTE (SOFRI) - VIETNAM, scientists of the Breeding Institute Department have successfully bred a new seed of dragon fruit that has high economic value. It is a type of dragon with purple pink flesh that is called  LD5.
This is the result of hybridization study persistence lasted for about eight years (from 2005 to present) through two phases.
Phase I (2005 - 2008), through organic methods from four line hybrid dragon parents are white-fleshed dragon fruit in Binh Thuan province, white flesh dragon Cho Gao (Tien Giang), red flesh dragon Long Dinh 1 (LD1), the H10 hybrid dragon. Then, evaluate the effectiveness of each hybrid line and pick out the color line prospect beautiful, pink or purple flesh.
Phase II (from 2009 to present), given the current trials to select dragon hybrid offspring have advantages may serve the same economic gardening program of the provinces south.
To confirm the advantages of flesh dragon purple pink is the new breed, scientists Southern Fruit Institute (SOFRI) assay performed on distinctiveness, uniformity and stability (DUS), price of cultivation and use (VCU), in which, Institute for Southern Fruits VCU trials at three points in the local as Tien Giang, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau for very good results.
In Tien Giang, 16 months after planting, purple red flesh dragon yield of 14.54 kg / head (main), in Long An, yield 11.61 kg / head and in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, was yield 4.89 kg / head.
Notably, purple red flesh dragon fruit has the ability to spread throughout the year for the advantages which scientists recorded over trials is growing strongly, big, egg-shaped fruit or eggs streamlined, beautiful skin, green bracts, purple pink flesh is very nice, good quality result ... In particular, red flesh dragon purple new breed infectious diseases at low to medium should be very favorable for production.
According to Associate Professor - Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, purple red flesh dragon by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was officially recognized and certified DCP patent protection.
Prior to that, also through scientific research and breeding, the Institute's scientists have successfully bred red flesh dragon (symbol LD1) is widely grown in many areas, such as Tien Giang , Long An, Binh Thuan ... bring major economic benefits to farmers.
Currently, the Institute for Southern Fruits are also 20 varieties preserved fruit collected from domestic and imported from abroad and 40 hybrid varieties of dragon fruit, serving the research, gene conservation, breeding ... /.
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