Tien Giang Rambutan prices are up higher compared to the prices last year

Update: 5/7/2013

Currently, rambutans are bought by traders right in the gardens with  a higher price than the rambutan season last year for 2000-3000 VND / kg though the garden is rambutan harvest season.

Le Van Tuan, rambutan growers in alcohol Tan Phong, Cai Lay district (Tien Giang) excited to know: More than half of this month, though the service starts rambutan harvest rambutan but prices are still traders to make purchasing garden with high prices. Specifically, the Java rambutan are traders purchased for 4500-5000 VND / kg, rambutan label price 10500-11000 / kg.

As many farmers rambutan, rambutan average yield is about 15-20 tonnes / ha, with the current price of rambutan, after excluding distribution costs, medication, care of ... and profit from services rambutan The main case is about 30-50 million / ha.

However, by applying science and technology, most people have dealt with the contrasting rambutans high priced services from 12000-25000 / kg, except for the cost of interest from growers steal from 150-200 million / hectares.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong, Tan Luong Hamlet B, Tan Phong, Cai Lay district (Tien Giang) (won first prize delicious fruit MD 2012 held in Tien Giang) said, to handle the adversity rambutan fruit at the time of the sale of lunar October to April is to tighten around the country ...

Currently, Tien Giang has built specialized areas over 900 hectares of rambutan Cai Lay, Cai Be. In particular, Cai Lay district with 460 hectares planted label and rambutan rambutan Java, focused mainly in Tan Phong commune, Hiep Duc Ngu Hiep.

To support the sustainable development of rambutan, The Province has established cooperation with 34 Tan Phong rambutan farmers with an area of ​​over 16 hectares were planted VietGAP advanced processes. Through the application process VietGAP, farmers cooperative group was 20% reduction in production costs but yield to 20-25 tons / ha.





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