Yellow rice bran - full of protein

Update: 5/7/2013

Rice Bran-a key ingredient in the food indispensable livestock, poultry and seafood. Rice bran contains a lot of nutritious substances such as protein, fat, fiber, vitamin B1, minerals ... just milled rice bran fragrant, pale yellow, the nutrition value is preserved, even if used as food livestock will be very good for cattle, poultry and seafood.
However, over time, these nutrients will be lost due to dust oxidized (damaged). We will be easily recognizable thanks to rancidity due to oxidation of the so-called bran rancid. Bran oil reduces bad quality feed, causing damage to the animal's digestive system, it is also one of the causes for them. If bran oil extraction in the bran quickly freshly milled bran term damage will be done to help stabilize the nutritional composition of the dust, ensuring good food source for animals and improve economic efficiency in livestock.
Why is rice bran rancid (oxidized)? There is a natural enzyme lipase enzyme-bran-oil will damage over time damage done to stop bleeding. This enzyme will stimulate and accelerate decomposition of rice bran oil. They found that the free fatty acid in the bran increased as a result of the impact of moisture with lipase enzyme. With the humidity, ambient temperature, the higher the free fatty acids in bran oil increased intensity. Every hour, free fatty acids increased approximately 1% in the bran, rice bran stored for 1 month at 250C temperature, the amount of free fatty acids will increase to 60-70%.
In the Mekong Delta, with more than 2 million tons of rice bran each year, an abundant agricultural resources bring many benefits to the agricultural sector in Vietnam, there is no optimal storage methods. Maximum storage period of rice bran new milling is usually 1 week. To store for longer time, the farmer or the factory big feed millers bran drying but only store a maximum of about 1 to 3 months, although this method is quite expensive. Previously, a number of small farmers, and even they have dried roasted bran bran for longer storage.
For the first time in Vietnam, Cam Vang Co. boldly apply advanced technologies in oil-separation extraction method. With technology and machinery imported from Germany, the company has rice bran oil extraction using hexane solvent and released products "Cam Vang" - rice bran protein, a Vietnamese products have many advantages over the bran often. Many experienced breeders appreciate rice bran oil has separated from the bran usual thanks to its superior characteristics. Cam Vang low moisture content, protein, vitamins and minerals, low oil content, storage time up to 1 year. Gold bran products company with nutritional information and quality criteria as follows:
Nutritional Information:
      Protein 14% minimum
      Mineralization up to 12%
      Vitamin B1 minimum 30mg/kg
      Fibers up to 8%
Quality criteria:
      Humidity up to 12%
      The oil content up to 3%
To get the gold-bran products rice bran protein, companies have attempted to select the best materials on the market - the source of fresh rice bran, freshly milled, free fatty acid levels low, less contamination The acquisition process ... and full production, is strictly managed according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management, time 6-8 hours, rice millers have recently been transferred to the Central Acquisition of interest in a number of companies Mekong Delta, where rice bran stabilization process to maintain quality as quality fresh rice bran prior to extraction.
Products "Cam Vang" good quality, high protein, especially the remaining oil content of less than 3% Gold bran, helps stabilize food quality, reduce pathogens in livestock, rice bran stored for a long time and absolutely no aflatoxin. Also, Cam Vang has positive impacts on the quality and fillet yield, growth, survival of fish. Cam Vang is suitable for blending feed, seafood by high adhesion, low consumption, minimize environmental pollution. The chemical composition of Cam Vang has several advantages compared to normal rice bran, especially high-protein and low lipid content will create favorable conditions for the food distribution system.
Using DRB feed for aquaculture is contributing to the perfect food and improve the quality of livestock, contributing to the development of Vietnam's agricultural sector and enhance the value of exports and the competitiveness of Vietnam seafood products on the international market. With the goal of comprehensive development of the livestock to the processing business, from local to world, Cam Vang Co. constantly improve product quality, production technology in order to serve the interests common materials to meet the needs of the animal, the feed mill. The company will continue to upgrade the capacity of the plant in the next year to ensure stable supply of rice bran for livestock throughout the year, in response to government incentives for buying local produce; Besides, the company can contribute to creating more job opportunities for people in the region.
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