Pinapple prices are up gain - rumors were beat

Update: 10/7/2013

 After slipping colonization rates, in recent days, farmers buoyed back when prices are showing signs of increased colonization.

Tan Phuoc us about the early days of July, the air above the largest pineapple growing regions, this is the second in the Delta seems bustle back. According to the farmers colonized, the past few days, traders began to push back buying pineapple, pineapple prices started inching up. Therefore, farmers buoyed back.

Dang Van Hoa, Thanh Hamlet (My Phuoc, Phuoc Tan) said, the family has 20 hectares of pineapple plantation, the annual harvest of 300-400 tons. Normally at this time of favorable seasons, several natural clusters should lower prices off season. Even more, the last rumor, pineapple use growth stimulants by providing Chinese merchants, consumers fear not dare eat more pineapple to make the price lower. Specifically, a few weeks ago, the price of pineapples to about 2100-2500 dong / kg.

"This is a false rumor. In fact, the medication was not sprayed district police custody now. But the farmers who did not use substances that spray for both clusters. However, prices are also affected clusters more or less "- he expressed Hoa.

As for his family Hoa, so long associated with the consumption of fruit and vegetable company in the province and the city. Ho Chi Minh should not be affected by this rumor. At that time, his pineapple selling prices relatively stable at 3,500 VND / kg. Some days, prices are rising pineapple back at 3200-3500 dong / kg. At this price, the pineapple plant 500 words / kg.

Traders began to push back buying pineapples.
Traders began to push back buying pineapples.

"With 3 hectares of pineapple, pineapple low prices during the past, I harvested 5 tons, selling for only 2,200 VND / kg. This is the lowest price ever. Low price is not sold out like pineapple, pineapple transport my child to go to the market for sale of 10,000 dong / 3 left. Heard rumors clusters caused by drugs used to gain weight fast. This information is not true. Here we grow pineapples as recommended by the agriculture sector do use drugs "- Mr. Bui Van Thanh, Thien Hamlet, Thanh My commune (Tan Phuoc) said.

Then he turned to face the excited these days pineapple prices inched up again. Traders began to accelerate procurement. "Currently, pineapple prices rise again in the 3200 - 3.700/kg, they were all excited. Some days, I will harvest more than 6 tons of pineapples and this must be said "- he expressed his bar.

Mr. Le Van Thuong, President of the United States, said Thanh commune, the commune has 1,600 hectares of pineapple, including 1,400 ha for harvest. Earlier this year, a high colonization rates at 3800-4200 dong / kg. About 20 days ago, the price suddenly plunged pineapple is 2400-2700 dong / kg.

"There are many factors affecting the price of the output clusters as traders, buying companies having pineapple, pineapple natural harvest of spike; consumption in difficult markets due to rain, storms and partly influenced by rumors stimulant use on pineapple growth.

In fact, only in the case Thanh Hung and drugs have not been sprayed on the clusters were seized, and people here follow clusters growing industry recommendations, none of the drugs used. This rumor comes from traders who come from other places and also has somewhat affected the colonization rates over time "- he used to say.

He is also the bonus, now, traders have begun to push back buying pineapples, prices also increased in the 3600-3800 VND / kg, while the low price colonized mainly small pineapple, pineapple rice harvested from old infertile or not care.

Clarifying rumors

The information on the use of stimulant medication on the growth clusters in Tan Phuoc in recent years has caused confusion for consumers. In fact, on 16-4, Tan Phuoc district police custody detection and pesticide container 11 by the China combined with a number of Vietnam brought into the district before being used on pineapples. Since then, the authorities have not found any similar cases.

Mr. Huynh Van Commercial, Head of MARD Tan Phuoc district, said the number of drugs are not on the list of medicines and plant protection are permitted for use in Vietnam, the drug has not been used spray on clusters shall be detection and detention. Up to the present time, the district has not discovered for using growth stimulants in particular, agricultural chemicals of unknown origin in clusters in general.

However, through this incident, pineapple prices also affected significantly. Specifically, the last time prices fell pineapple 2000-2500 VND / kg, which decreased by 1,000 VND / kg compared to the previous. With an area of ​​14,800 hectares of pineapple (annual production of about 250 thousand tons), 70% of households in the district and live in the pineapple plant, estimated to affect from the small airborne rumors at all.

Dang Van Hoa (U.S. Thanh Phuoc, Phuoc Tan) inside the wooden pineapple family.
Dang Van Hoa (U.S. Thanh Phuoc, Phuoc Tan) inside the wooden pineapple family.

According sad, the last few years with the development area pineapple, District Agriculture enhance science and technology transfer, promote pineapple production people towards bio-safety, quality and deployment model pineapple production by GAP ... Since then, pineapple growers aware of safety and quality are improved greatly.

"The work was promptly stop should not cause major damage. But to not happen the same phenomenon, the industry has stepped up propaganda people do not use agricultural chemicals of unknown origin, do not use pesticides on the list of items not permitted for circulation in Vietnam , advised farmers to use these drugs are prevalent use "- says he sad.


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