Green grapefruit in Tien Giang province set record prices

Update: 7/23/2013

Last week, the price of green grapefruit increase of 10,000 VND / kg compared to the previous month. This could be the stimulus of pomelo in Tien Giang expansion of cultivated area in the near future.

Mr.Nguyen Van Son, green grapefruit growers in Long Khanh commune, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province, said the beginning of this year, the price of grapefruit is always higher grapefruit growers peace of mind in terms of price and output.

Currently, traders to take buy green grapefruit orchards type 1, the average weight of about 1.5 kg / fruit for up to 60,000 VND / kg; grapefruit type 2 is priced at 45000-50000 / kg, increased sometimes higher than in 2012 and nearly 10,000 VND / kg compared to the previous month. This is the record high price of grapefruit is established as of this moment.

According to calculations of grapefruit growers Cai Lay District, green grapefruit grown in this locality for the average yield of 15 tonnes / ha. With today's high prices, the growers will achieve revenues of 600 million VND / ha.

After deducting production costs, such as drug distribution, electricity, water and labor, farmers will profit over 250 million VND / ha.

Cause grapefruit prices stable at a high level over time is due to pod borer raging grapefruit growing areas in the Mekong Delta, which reduced output grapefruit. Besides, grapefruit consumption in the domestic market (especially the North) as well as increased exports drove prices sharply higher grapefruit. /.

According to Uyên Hương (TTXVN)



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