Growing the kind of corn for animal feed in Dong Nai province

Update: 7/26/2013

While some areas are corn grain crop failure due to weather, the model took close to selling corn processing plant for animal feed in Xuan Loc (Dong Nai) opens up new business direction ...

Farmers eager

This time, many households in Phu Xuan commune, Bao Hoa, Suoi Cat, Long Ming is on fresh corn harvest. We saw on the highway route, the bus load full of corn rushing toward the plant.

Take us to visit some relatives take model typical corn, Le Khoi, Extension Station officials excited Phu Xuan said: "The fact that the model itself has taken corn plant corn much better, she farmers do not have to worry about the weather, diseases affecting the yield and quality of corn. With this model just like her son down, fertilize enough classified drug helps plants grow lush end of the food for the money ... ".

According to Khoi, here before the rice farmers usually 2 cases / year, but highly effective, so recently been converted into 2 and 1 for corn crop / year. Especially taking the form of corn model is being replicated as shorten the time, only about 80-85 days to harvest, every year more arable which cost less than the investment.

Restore His family also planted 2 hectares of corn are harvested and taken close to the plant sale. He said that from the beginning of the season to date has sold nearly 40 tons of fresh corn stalks, with $ 800 e / kg, about 1 weeks to finish harvest. With an average yield of about 5 tons / acres, is expected in this case will give your family collects about 100 tons.

"Work out, get yourself more profitable corn corn grain and whole wheat, especially with the weather, pests such as rice this year is" dead ". If any household good to fertilize profits 2 million VND / sao body muscles get, while rice only words about 300-500 thousand VND / sao, "Mr. Khoi said .

On the way, we also recommend listening to her son to take the corn model of family relatives Nguyen Thanh Hai, Binh Hoa hamlet, Phu Xuan always be considered "good" in society. Meet our fun Hai said: "Planting corn taking the form, if a little care skills are being sold prices, traders in order to purchase fresh farm payment, farmers harvest healthy help take re ".

His family planted 1,200 m2 Hai NK67 corn specialist to get yourself to the processing plant feed. Before his seed corn, but yields are not high, a few years when it comes to taking the form of corn output and stability, especially health anxiety support disease and not consuming the corn harvest as seed .

Last year his family two of the top three corn crops this area has gained about 20 million and is considered a model, most beautiful in the whole society. In fact, looking at his family's cornfield customs ... all criticism is correct. To date, about to be harvested, trees lush and luxuriant beyond head high, leaves are large.

He said, the only model of family corn he is considered the model "good" one commune, the roads should be equipped traders always fond of buying at high prices. Currently cornfield was 70 days, traders had to pay $ 900 e / kg, an appointment will be about 2 weeks to harvest.

Replicate the model

So far, his family in the village of Binh Chau Tran Trong Hoa, Phu Xuan still remembers planting the seed corn crops due to weather, drought ... revenue losses. Therefore, since the local movement started to take the corn itself, his family also boldly redirect investment into this model.

In Xuan Phu, Mr. Chau is considered "King Corn", is a pioneer in the number of farmers planting corn paradigm shift taking earliest relatives. At the same time, should be investment intensive corn model taking the form of his family always high yield and plant growth are good.

Following Le Khoi, social workers visited KN model taking the form of corn Zhou family, we witnessed the whole area of corn was invested installed both systems are basically saving irrigation.

Zhou excited boast: "With more than 2 hectares of corn, the family had to invest up to $ 60 million on installing water-saving systems. Thus, the effect significantly increases productivity, maize are grown, and there is no better expression of what insect damage, supporting both drug money distributed to spray as much as seed corn. "

According to Zhou, the family harvested about 105 tons of the first phase was sold for $ 900 stems / kg. Up to now, is preparing to sell a new batch of corn just enough on the "hello" to traders to receive fresh harvest in the field is completed.

Until now, many households around Phu Xuan learning experience together, invested capital installed irrigation systems to save intensification highest corn yield. According to farmers, with prices and stable output current, then in the next crop of corn acreage will continue to take the body increases.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dang, chairman of Farmers acknowledge Xuan Phu, the summer rice per hectare profits from 10-15 million, but took close to corn, farmers can profit from 25 million was normal. According to calculations, the planting of corn left to get to 100 days after the new harvest, only 1 in 3 cases grow up, for an income of 90 million VND / ha / year.

Meanwhile, taking the form of corn is about 80-85 days to harvest, the summer is to collect about 50 million VND / ha. Moreover, each year arable to 3-4 for, not to mention taking the form of corn planting less than the cost of investment. Also, taking the form of corn will avoid water shortages in late spring.

+ According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Xuan Loc, corn model itself only took about 80 days to harvest, more profitable corn grain. However, in terms of agronomy, corn model body if taken long term to expand and grow will not be good for the soil environment for rapid crop rotation, organic nutrition that impoverished land.

+ Mr. Nguyen Van Hiep, Vice Chairman of Phu Xuan said: "In previous years, the corn get close to the processing plant for animal feed only a few scattered three hectares. However, two years ago, thanks to higher values with economic output should stabilize farmers bravely scaling the area of 100 ha.

Many households switched to corn to take themselves all 3 seasons / years. DPC is directed to the statisticians and replication, especially in the area of low rice yields. "


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