Raising export python skins

Update: 7/30/2013

Not everyone is python breeding success, even the remaining empty-handed. Yet his farm Thai pythons in Vinh Thai pineapple 4, Tri Ton Town - An Giang output remains stable and growing. Recently he has more export contracts python skin makes him more confident investing python breeding.

After years of swimming in the profession, he has amassed Thai experience, especially technical and care for pythons breeding. For him, pythons are very gentle animals, sociable and easy to raise. From ideas and personal preferences, he began to experiment with 50 human snake. After selling them several times, every time "smoothly", he began boldly and steep increase above the heart on python breeding.

He slowly walked into Thai python breeding, calm way to overcome these difficulties. Recall the early 1990s, around the Mekong Delta massively raising concern that only Hau Giang alone has hundreds of large-scale farms, while the market is too narrow, prices slumped dramatically, the from place to just 2,000 VND 120.000d/con that nobody bought, someone to bring me into the jungle python release, each mother concern was the amount of gold, and sold only 1 time only.

Before the crisis, many people born depressed, turn to fish, shrimp or poultry. Particularly, he and some friends continued to boost production. I guarantee that you will find python path on the world market, especially in python, one of the superior products of high economic value. True to his prediction, in 2001 the concern has encouraged farmers to find markets in Italy, China, Japan ... he himself took the initiative to seek collaborative ventures with institutions to strengthen export competition, such as company-specific skin redness and some other exporting companies.

According to him, to raise pythons to first successful high determination and hard craft to learn. If you do not master the technique, the success rate is very low. With him, from working barns, seed selection, purchase food to raise his game to ... proficient as an expert. He said the most important factor in the process of raising concerns and product output. Want good products to feed properly and correctly all the techniques. Want to output stability to think of export contracts.

On his visit, he saw workers busy, stretch the python skin, remove skin guys. After a visit, he invited us to visit the camp and introduced many snakes of all kinds, whether they are curled up in a cage so strict.

He said the investment Thai pythons are not very big animal, a cage with an average tree only cost $ 150,000 more. Food for python won including mouse, chicken, duck or chicken sausage duck. Typically eaten alive like python but he set it eat dead animals right from childhood python so easy to raise. It is important for farmers to know weather monitoring abnormal changes to prevent diseases for concern, particularly black patients, and runny nose (mouth sores).

He said Thai python mating season takes place annually from March 10-12 lunar year and the first delivery from February to late April. Applying python eggs will hatch 58 days. With his golden hands, he just looks or cradling the baby pythons and python paying parent can also see the status of their health in order to promptly process and helps them grow quickly, especially after each strip leather, python eating big strong and fast.

His farm is 1,700 snakes, including the 600 parents, the biggest 70 characters, including two types: gold python and python land. The Japanese love python patterned yellow gold thanks, nice and bright. During mining, skinning python hunters have to be very careful, clever cuts, gently and competently, accurately, do not scratch the skin. Have finished peeling the skin stretched on a plank of length equal to the length of python skin. After drying, python skin wrapped or folded awaiting delivery. Under the contract, python skin is divided into three types I, II and III according to size (size). In addition to the sale of python skin, the farmers also sell meat python (20,000 - VND 30,000) and fat pythons, python security for consumers.
With the amount of parental concern so abundant as each camp has produced for thousands of pythons in the same quality assurance. From job doing well, he was associated with many Thai ranches and family farms in the area to supply contract to purchase seed and flesh python, python skins with reasonable price, help for farmers excited. Currently, the average annual production by about 3000 he hides all sorts of custom python annual contract. In addition, he was a man on the 200 crocodiles, breeding each year over 400 children.


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