The way feather wastes are turned into animal feed

Update: 6/8/2013

The research scientists VienNghien Electronics, Informatics and Automation had a successful research process of feathers and wastes like  nails, hair of animals...  to produce a form of food (protein intake) for husbandry.

The researchers said the wastes form like
animal hair, feather, nails  in food production facility currently are large.

Feathers wastes containing very high total protein content limits, but exist in a stable form and not tantrong water, so they can not be directly used for anything, including fertilizer caphan.

They exist in reality odang accumulate if not treated promptly will result in environmental pollution and ngaycang affect production and life.

The production process simple interest voicong 1 ton / day in her process, drying, grinding and mixing additives with 100% of protein thexu in feathers and no solid waste. Lavien final protein product used in animal intake.

The research model and provide automatic production hinhthiet to turn waste into a resource feather protein absorption chophep make use of waste to create protein source for livestock, The environment clean.

Also thanks to the feather protein that contains significant levels of many amino acids that must be imported at present.




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