Green grapefruit farmers get great hit

Update: 7/8/2013

Mr. Nguyen Van Truong, Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development, Chau Thanh district - Hau Giang, said: Since the beginning of this year, prices continued to increase green grapefruit, pomelo planting movement to thrive (about 800 ha) .

The district is 1,600 ha grapefruit types (both Roi pomelo grapefruit and green), mainly concentrated in Tan Phu, Phu Huu and prostitution ... The town traders buy at garden green grapefruit prices -35 000 VND 30,000 / kg increased 5,000 -10 000 VND / kg as compared to last year.

Dang Van Doan, Phu Huu Commune, Chau Thanh District, planting 1 ha green grapefruit says: Pomelo fruit grown for 3-4 years, but most of figs is the 5th year onwards, yield from 40 - 50 tons / ha / year plant life for about 30 years left disabled. The average annual Doan deducting interest costs of about 500 million.








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