Non-stained watermelon seeds are attractive to consumers

Update: 10/31/2013

With the informations that melon seeds are contaminated, affecting to people's health, the majority of consumers turned to buy non-stained  seeds or other products such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds  in stead...
At Binh Tay Market, which specializes in providing products candy, melon seeds ... for cities and provinces, many shop owners have said that seeds of the losses from Hung Duy Ky Huong Thien ... although safety certificate but not much buying power increases.

To help consumers peace of mind when using, much basis in addition to the production of long products like this melon seeds, the first time the market have to offer more non-stained seeds.

Ms. Doan Thi Tranh Tra, small business shopping at Binh Tay Market in Retail, said: "Customers really picky now, that color is melon seeds badgering many times. If there is no certificate of origin and obviously not buying. So items sold colored melon seeds melon seeds do not run with no color or other items, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds ... ".

"Those roasted watermelon seeds are not stained brown staining due for seeds that should be big, beautiful skin, so higher prices colored melon seeds from 5000-10000 VND / kg.

Regarding the experience to purchase seeds, Nguyen Thi Lien, Sales at Binh Tay Market, said conventional seeds were stained for smooth beautiful skin, so no colored melon seeds selected from the best seeds , beautiful skin so consumers can be assured of complete use.

Regarding the producer, his other reason, the oven roasted Name Only (District 6, Ho Chi Minh City), also said: The majority of people are very sensitive to these items. At the beginning of the season we were all brought to quality control. However, in order to regain the confidence of customers would have to take some time. Show items colorless seeds are still many people who choose to buy one.


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