Lack of potato seeds

Update: 8/21/2013

Compared with many other plants in the winter, potatoes seem "less competitive" and little more attention. With so many causes, including a substantial number of Chinese potatoes massively imported into Vietnam. This year, before the potato crop in China, the potato acreage in Vietnam have been extended?

Potatoes grown in Vietnam is mainly in the winter, some cold climes, such as Lam Dong, Lao Cai planted crop, spring or summer. But the area is not much, a few dozen hectares. In such a trial to monitor the adaptation of new varieties. Total acreage of potatoes annually nationwide between 25000-30000 ha, concentrated in the lowland provinces and some northern mountainous provinces.

Prices of commercial potatoes last time in a number of localities where the push to 18,000 - 20.000d/kg, rice prices tripled. The cause of the scarcity of potatoes because potatoes imported merchandise from China fell. According to the Quarantine Department VIII region, annual commercial import of potatoes through the Lao Cai border gate from 30-35 thousand tons, has reached 40 thousand tons, not counting several thousand tons of seed potatoes. She is currently imported potato season, but the beginning of August at the Lao Cai border gate of salable potatoes imported just over 2 thousand tons, not plot any imported seed potatoes. Prices are normally imported to Vietnam from 2000 - 2.500d/kg, selected potatoes between 9000 - 11.000d/kg not the kind of expenses, much higher every year. But the import of potatoes is still sparse. The reason, according to some importers: Due to the Chinese constantly losing season.

Due to continuous price rise in potato prices at other agricultural products continued to decline, likely this winter in potato area will be expanded, but the same problem arises, how numbers, prices how to meet production needs?

Annual Statistical about 20 varieties of potatoes are grown, including 10 top varieties. Planting is most like VT2 about 19 thousand hectares, followed by a similar number of Dutch, Diamant, KT3, Hong Ha 7, German potatoes, Nicola-Holland, Mariella, KT2 and P03 ... Each hectare potato farming to 850-1000 kg seed, with an area of 25 thousand ha of seed potatoes for the winter is very large. This is demand, the supply companies react?

Southwest potato crop 2012 - 2013 ASP Lao Cai Seed Centre in collaboration with domestic firms MANUFACTURING like to take China to give Vietnam. According to Ms. Tran Thi Hang - Director of Center for Lao Cai Like ASP, quality seed potatoes in 2012 by the Center provides about 500 tons. However, due to lack of experience in the storage and transportation process should seed potatoes provided by the Centre to meet some of the risk. ASP Lao Cai center is just one of many to import varieties of potatoes is still "war plan", because ... unknown domestic demand SX How!

The amount of commercial potato consumption in Vietnam a few million tons per year, in addition to consumer use and livestock, many food companies, candy and processed using hundreds of thousands of tons. Another question is: The planting of seed potatoes Vietnam where? The two provinces of Lao Cai temperature is low and can Lamdong potato breeding season to give farmers the country, however the same in the two provinces SX is very limited. The dependence on imported varieties of potatoes of Vietnam always put in passive status. 2013 potato crop is not outside that situation.


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