Pineapple Tan Phuoc set a new price peak

Update: 8/26/2013

These days farmers Tan Phuoc pineapple acid sulphate soils (Tien Giang) extremely excited because the price is located in a high pineapple "record" ever. Currently, the price of pineapple garden until the traders purchase prices 3800-4300 VND / kg, an increase of 300 VND / kg over the previous week.

Dang Thi Tam, pineapple farmers in Thanh Hamlet, Phuoc commune, Tan Phuoc district (Tien Giang) said today traders until the pineapple garden with pineapple farmers purchase Class I (pineapple balance, nice color on 1kg/trai weight) for 4,300 VND / kg, pineapple type II (weight capacity of 0.8-1 kg / L) also cost 3,800 VND / kg. In case you put the bucket (large and small regardless of weight) also has up to 4,000 VND / kg.

"As the price of pineapple in the market today has increased 300 VND / kg over the previous week, but if compared to the previous month rose to 1,000 VND / kg. Pineapple is the price traders are purchasing is the highest price ever that pineapple farmers in local sales. In particular, traders are now not required to buy pineapple pulp beheaded tight as it should be beneficial pineapple farmers in output compared to a few months ago "- Mrs.Tam said.

As many pineapple farmers in Tan Phuoc district, pineapple highest price ever due to the pineapple season ends late for this year compared to last year. Currently pineapple is the fruit processing stage for the series production of pineapple off season should provide a very limited market, while market demand tends to increase. On the other hand, incorrect information about the use of drugs on the body weight gain was also pineapple authorities should clarify consumers have confidence in Tan Phuoc pineapple, from which market demand has stabilized.

Mr. Le Thanh Tam, pineapple farmers in Thanh My commune, Tan Phuoc district (Tien Giang) said, per annum pineapple can be harvested 3-4 times depending on how each processing of pineapple farmers with yield an average of 15 tons / ha. Currently, the production cost per kilo gram of pineapple including the cost of care, fertilizer, gas processing stone, cut the ... 2,300 VND / kg, calculate the grams per kilogram of pineapple farmers average rate 1.700 VND / kg (equivalent to 25 million VND / ha).

Normally pineapple farmers in Tan Phuoc alum lands 4-5 acres, farmers have even less than 20 hectares of pineapple on profitability can be achieved hundreds of millions each year. Due to high economic efficiency, consistent with the soil conditions, has long been the province of pineapple fruit identified as key to economic development in Tan Phuoc acid sulphate soils and registered geographical indications, therefore pineapple growing area in the region has increased over the years.

However, the current difficulties of the coconut farmers in the harvest season when prices are very low pineapple, edgier, while the pineapple growers can not wait to reserve pineapple as for grain prices. So many people want a pineapple Tan Phuoc province needs to attract investment policy for fruit and vegetable processing industry, especially pineapple to generate stable output and enhance value for Tan Phuoc pineapple .

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Tan Phuoc district (Tien Giang), the district is 14,800 hectares of pineapple, concentrated mostly in the U.S. Thanh commune, Phuoc Hung Thanh, Tan Thanh District, Thanh Hoa, Tan Hoa Dong , Tan Lap 1, and Phuoc Tan Lap 2 Lap with pineapple production for market supply domestic and export processing 250 thousand tons annually.

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