Vietnam Cashew nut export companies' status

Update: 3/9/2013

By the time  3 - 2012, most of cashew nut export businesses couldn't export the goods but  at the present, these  businesses  are fulled of orders and are  going to stop receiving orders for delivery in this time.

According to the Association (Vinacas), the Chinese market by promoting imports of the preparation for the mid-autumn festival, while the European markets, the U.S. shopping to prepare for the end of the year should increase orders from Vietnam.

Dang Hoang Giang, general secretary Vinacas said that the amount of inventory in Europe, North America is low compared to the actual demand, together with that at the end of the import business to surge sold during Christmas and New Year 2014 to boost buying.

Also for this reason, the price of exports also increased. The time that the export price (FOB) W320 is 3.35 to 3.45 U.S. dollars / pound (0.454 kg equivalent), up about 20 cents compared to August.

Therefore, Vietnam needs to import large quantities of major raw cashew from Africa, but according to Vinacas so many shipments of crude from the low-quality African businesses should not buy at any price which buys crude switch inland.

The reason, businesses can buy from the dealer each day according to the quality desired, although higher prices than imports. Currently the price of crude in water ranging from 25000-28000 VND / kg (depending on quality). As the price of imported crude at 20000-22000 VND / kg.


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