Values ​​of coconut fiber

Update: 3/9/2013

Among the potential sectors of non-agricultural sectors, these products are manufactured from coconut fiber silk not only in Tra Vinh and Ben Tre, but also in other provinces of Soc Trang, Tien Giang, Vinh Long, ... be evaluated with an important role in helping poor households utilize idle time and create more employment opportunities to increase income for the poor.

But this new industry development in Soc Trang province, but each facility has just small jobs for many workers, income from 30,000-50,000 VND / day for an employee. Besides creating jobs and income for those directly involved in the production of silk coir, the sector is highly profitable for the farmers growing coconut trees.

The area planted to coconut country currently around 200,000 ha, of which Ben Tre province accounts for 25% of the area, is an abundant source of raw materials for the development of coir silk.

It can be said, one of the biggest successes of the coconut industry in general and Vietnam in particular is Ben Tre Province in the past few years is the expansion, growth of the consumer market, with around 80 countries world.

Currently Ben Tre has many partners from 40 countries around the world. If classified as a potential market, not to mention first is the Egyptian market, followed by South Africa, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates , U.S. ... which only coir products exports increased from 30 120 tons (2000) to 75,000 tons (2011)

Although this is evaluated potential industry but to quantify the effectiveness of the industry, market participants of products, labor force participation of the poor as well as the identification of the need and the solution competition to promote the development of this sector has not been studied.

That is why the leaders of local individuals and businesses participating industry is trying to plan policies to support the sector, rural employers as well as building business plan meeting market demand with price competition, cost savings to manage supply chain efficiency, increase value and profitability of the industry.


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