Tomato prices are up high

Update: 5/9/2013

In the beginning of September, the price of tomatoes in Lam Dong VND 3,000 and VND 3,000 / kg in early August onwards has suddenly increased to 6,000 dong and 6,000 dong / kg.

Quick report of Lam Dong DARD, each day, the province's growers export market of over 200 tons of tomatoes of all kinds, which, consumed mainly the northern market. The area of Lam Dong tomatoes each year range from 3,000 - 7,000 ha.

The reason for the large difference in size is due to price such crops very uncertain: There are low at only 500 VND / kg, and also for tomato growers that do not sell anyone. Lam Dong is considered one of the large raw tomato provinces of the country, but so far there is no basis tomato processing industry.






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