Mushroom cultivation in Dong Thap provice

Update: 5/9/2013

In Dong Thap province, National Agricultural Extension Center recently held @ Forum Extension agricultural titled " Development of mushroom effect " with the participation of over 200 mushroom growers typically in 7 provinces and the Mekong Delta scientists from institutes and universities in the country .

Consumer market mushroom growing and expanding the number of countries and territories , mainly Germany , USA , France , Japan ... Job mushrooms in our country has a long and achieved significant achievement , especially in the Mekong Delta has rich resource for developing straw mushroom production .

According to the DCP , the country SX 16 fungi , including the southern provinces mainly cultivated mushrooms , wood ear fungus , the mushrooms growing northern provinces , oyster mushroom , Ganoderma . Mushroom production nationwide reached 250,000 tons / year . Export turnover reached mushrooms from 25-30 million dollars , most of which is exported 120,000 tons of wood ear mushrooms , straw mushrooms 64,000 tons .
However, the assessment of Dr. Mai Thanh Phung , Standing Head South , the Center KNQG development that is not on par with the potential and advantage because our country has abundant raw materials available there , abundant labor resources and weather conditions suitable for growing mushrooms grow.

Typically in Long An , mushroom cultivation formed quite early , concentrated in the districts of Ben Luc , Thu Thua , Chau Thanh , Moc Hoa . Mushroom production reached 400 tons / year , abalone mushrooms 36 tons / year , lingzhi 2 tons / year .

In here , raising mushroom is effective . Notably, abalone mushrooms on sawdust , straw mushrooms , especially progressive Center for Applied Science and Technology of the province is implementing construction projects SX model fungi towards industrial goods .

However, the current difficulties of local farmers lack capital SX , not invested in production mechanization mushrooms , small SX only , no businesses contracted product consumption , seed production facility the private seed quality should not be controlled .

That was the situation of many local impede progress of mushroom cultivation . Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tan , Tan Hung Mushroom farm owner in Binh Duong concern , because there is no central organization or any reputable guide mushroom growers in the scientific process should be difficult for growers . Giving directions to help farmers commercial mushroom production firm , which is the system 's largest current expectations .

According to Dr. Pham Thanh Ho, University of Natural Sciences , VNU- HCM : the time required to set out the issues for the development of mushroom cultivation , to find appropriate measures , improving results . The twist that may be due not to support the growing positive for farmers , lack of specialized research units , domestic markets are volatile ...

Mr. Le Hong Vinh , Deputy Director of Centre for Plant Biotechnology , Institute of Agricultural Genetics said : To grow mushrooms sustainable production towards sectors with a strong brand is not necessarily equipped with the knowledge SX , training and professional training in management , organization mushroom production , enhance market promotion .

Besides the diversification of production planning and self-contained , organized mushroom production in a region with a large scale to produce stable products , promote consumption .

Many people at the conference are also given in the seminar , provide useful information to growing mushrooms growing , to reach a production target of 400,000 tonnes in the 2015 and 1 million tonnes in 2020 jobs for 1 million workers as plans proposed DCP .


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