Developing sustainable cassava production

Update: 9/9/2013

( VOH ) - With little arable habit invest degraded land , degraded , while cassava production increased area recently created gaps for the sustainable development of this crop . Therefore, the construction of cassava planting focus , direction stability with intensive investment and involvement is a connection between the 4 key requirements in the future .

This solution has been given many delegates at the Forum for Agricultural Extension @ topic : " A number of solutions to sustainable development " took place this morning , 26/8 , in Tay Ninh province .
According to MARD , cassava now - also known as cassava is widely grown crops in Vietnam , ranking third after rice and maize . Cassava starch to create the highest quality of food crops , in addition to use as food for humans , feed for livestock , cassava is also exported cash crops of high economic value .

Especially recently cassava is also considered an important material for the production of ethanol biofuel processing . Talking about the outstanding results that manufacturing , processing and trading of cassava has gained back 5 years ago , Dr. Phan Huy Thong, director of the National Agricultural Extension Centre said

From the economic efficiency brought positive when farmers have time to get a return more than 60 million VND / ha , which should accompany the area of ​​cassava has increased rapidly . To date , there are over 550 thousand hectares of wheat planted area , with an average yield of nearly 18 tonnes of fresh roots / ha per year . The rise of " hot " in the area , but the investment -intensive places unnoticed , and in areas where farmers have generated inconsistent constraints in cassava production . Infertile soil , erosion , wastewater situation environmental pollution of the processing plant is a permanent concern today.

So coming to cassava production for sustainable development , a key requirement is the local set up to revise the planning and formation of the cassava growing areas focus and involvement of the link 4 houses . Dr. Hoang Kim , Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry emphasized DCP said that the Master Plan of 2015 agriculture cassava planted area will drop to 500 thousand hectares in 2020 and 450 thousand hectares , maintain production from 11 to 12 million tons / year .

Based on this general plan , the provincial planning specifically tailored to local conditions , resolutely removed from the area of ​​distributed planning , retail , cassava growing areas are not effective . Concerning the situation of cassava export the first 6 months in 2013 , the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said , the volume of export of cassava and cassava products reached 262,000 tons , with a turnover of 87 million USD. Except for the Chinese market and Japan fell , exports cassava and cassava products in most major markets are rising , especially the Korean market , up 73 % , Philippines up nearly 42 % .


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