Green skin grape fruit yield gets high in Mekong delta area this harvest season

Update: 11/9/2013

While many major crops in the Mekong Delta , rice is even strategic commodities fall into the chorus on "the season , fell for " cause of household income declined , the years do not at the garden in flooded areas of Tien Giang " thriving " , out of poverty and sustainable enrichment of green grapefruit trees . Compared with some other fruit , this plant has the advantages : Easy to grow , yield , spread the harvest throughout the year , easily consumed .

Typically out of poverty and get rich from green grapefruit as Tran Van Sau households living in Phu Hoa Hamlet ( Long Khanh , Cai Lay ) . Previously, the family had only 2,000 m2 of land planted many fruit trees , each a little , such income should be included . Recognizing outstanding economic prospects of the crop , he switched to plantation rehabilitation specialist green grapefruit trees .

Pomelo Park is to the left of his stable . With 2 of land , each year he collected 3 tons left , sells 150 million. Thus , not only his family Friday but also poverty to become farmers - the business of social good .
Today, Long Khanh commune became one of the largest intensive green grapefruit with a total area of ​​hundreds of hectares . Because green grapefruit tree should look impoverished rural countryside day has changed . Road traffic was consolidated . Spacious Houses . Household of food , of to .

Many poor people have made a fortune from green grapefruit tree , an annual income of several hundred million like him : Vo Phat Dat , Nguyen Van Long , Nguyen Van Chinh , Nguyen Hieu Nghia ... In addition to Long Khanh communes of the province flooding upstream strong shift from intensive gardens into green grapefruit as the social : An Eastern Thai , Thai Trung , A Loi , Loi B. .. Cai Be district .

Notably , in the production process of conversion efficiency , the application of techniques in the cultivation of green grapefruit orchards of Tien Giang has been raised a lot. Intensive technical mastery is one of the determinants of the success of grapefruit growers besides the price factor .

Mr. Thai Van Dua , Head of Cooperation green skin pomelo Phu Hoa ( Long Khanh ) said that green grapefruit crops need more water . If lack of water will make plants depleted , gold leaf . From experience , the design should pay attention each raised bed garden soil grow up tissue lined by ditches two pairs instead of in the middle of planting a raised bed as before.

Planting density should be slightly thick , between plants from 1.5 to 2 m as a growing medium instead of just wasting little land but slower growing trees . Pruning , creating canopy is essential factor . As the plants mature , the note left on the tree to the left density just right , remove the far left on the shoots or branches ... The pest control when and how fruit trees left to fight pests as well as new approaches , scientists bring high efficiency .

Mr. Nguyen Van Thoai , a farmers - good business there to 2 ha of communal land green skin pomelo , Hoa Loc mango , durian , said today the planting and care of technical sciences , grapefruit green left after only 2 years for " fortune " and 3 years for the harvest begins , a lot shorter than a traditional plant .

For easy care , many households invest boldly designed automatic sprinkler systems , not only to help reduce labor but also increase lifespan garden , ensuring high productivity and output .

Tien Giang is 5,500 ha of pomelo grapefruit with specialty brand has confirmed on the domestic market and exports such as green grapefruit , grapefruit fur Co Co ... With the uniform application of intensive technical advanced farming , home gardening at an average yield of 12-14 tonnes / ha and annual production of grapefruit province reached 70,000 tons left .

The province also identified green grapefruit , grapefruit fur Co Co is 2 specialty fruit varieties have a competitive advantage to the garden to help promote income growth , stable life . The district has an area of ​​large grapefruit include : Chau Thanh ( 1,700 ha ) , Cai ( 1,600 ha ) , Cai Lay ( 1,000 ha ) .

The potential to promote green grapefruit trees on the land , " hard " is necessary to remove bottlenecks in production , opened towards the garden to enrich both the promotion of new rural construction program as rich and beautiful national target period 2011 - 2015 has been proposed

Source: - Mong Tuyet

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