Famous lemongrass in Tien Giang province

Update: 11/9/2013

About 2 Phu Dong and Phu Thanh commune (Tan Phu Dong - Tien Giang) these days people will hear farmers talk a lot about the lemon tree.

Because in recent years regular price stability lemongrass, citronella plant through which many households are living increasingly raised, conditional spacious building houses, buy land, buy a car, to where parenting education to place ...

Therefore, in the summer 2013, farmers in the region have grown lemongrass racing.

Lemongrass is grown everywhere: Before the game, right next to the aisle, on the high mound, the coconut trees, curb rural roads or provincial road 877B ... but most lemongrass vast fields of the village: The Thu 1, 2 mackerel, Glue Giong (Thanh Phu), Ms. Tien 1, 2 Ba Tien, Li Quan 1, Li Quan 2 (Phu Dong commune).

Many rice acreage was less efficient farmers to grow lemon grass intercropping model 1 for lemongrass, 1 or 2 each lemon crop / year.

It is estimated that this time, the district has 413 hectares planted lemongrass, of which 2/3 of the harvest is concentrated in three communes: Phu Thanh (215 ha), Phu Dong (185 ha) and Tan Phu (13 ha).




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