Bustling trade vegetable quota

Update: 12/9/2013

An Phu border (An Giang) with two national border gates and the riverside path quota trading is the busiest bridge between the people of Vietnam - Cambodia, most notably cotton goods (beans, vegetables results ...).

Bowl of mobility in the field

Most fertile lands islet in An Giang as Mrs. Hoa (Chau Thanh district), the Binh Thuy, Binh Long, Duc Khanh Hoa ... (Chau Phu district) are generally characterized by a narrow strip of land, the east , so to maximize the rotation of the earth, rising incomes, farmers were selected as cotton.

The interesting thing here is that more and more mobile cotton bowls are formed directly on the field to "eat" restaurant. Farmers called "the food basket of the spot." "Buying and selling of used aggressively, even to customers Cambodia vans down pickup, one day about 5-7 units" - Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, cotton goods at the market stall owners Chau Doc said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Xu, famous crop farmers in Kien An (Cho Moi district), is one of those initiatives to sell vegetables to Cambodia wit said:

"Before, I just told the kids I, I took the Kien An vegetables and bring to Takhamau, Phnom Penh sale. Accustomed to eat salty air, hitting pimping their Cambodian car down here to take goods from more mediated. Thus, the purchase becomes more robust, less price difference. "

For example, 1 of 4 tons harvested peppers, cost about 20,000 VND / kg (depending on time), excluding the cost of holding her hand to make over 50 million; vegetables should yield 4 ton ship / the sale price 25,000 VND / kg, 80 million words ...

Nguyen Van Minh, Kien An farmer, said the average 1 land, income below 100 million / year. Mr. Cao Huu Phuoc-Chairman ND An Phu district said: "To promote strength vegetables grown locally, we encourage people focus on the two crops in the dry season and flood season to meet Cambodia needs customers, because the market is still largely present Kandal and Phnom Penh. "

Rejuvenate frontier

From the valley Thalot (Thalot hamlet, An Cu commune, Tinh Bien district) and look up the mountain slopes Cam Long (Tri Ton district), one can see the immense mango, custard one, strawberry, banana ... interspersed with trees. Trail through the valley about 7km Thalot, helped put motorcycles, small trucks transporting agricultural products.

It can be said, from the An Giang province to expand and upgrade the mountain roads flood, residents Thalot more business opportunities, hundreds of hectares of gardens and forests on mountain slopes Cam Long is opened, attracted a large labor participation, which are mostly in Khmer Luong Africa, Lang, Le Tri, Ba Chuc (Tri Ton district). Since the road, you also redirect every party Takeo endless mountain, go straight to market even Chi Lang, Tri Ton, Three Good to import goods.

Mr. Tran Van No, Thalot farmers boast: "Seasonal flooding, the plain colored vegetables, vegetable planting bag as well, but in this vegetable is characterized by mountains, from mango, banana, jackfruit, custard we , to the beans, chili, ginger, potatoes, ... should not be afraid in touch. "

According to some residents Thalot, in the rainy season (from July to October lunar calendar), the total daily supply of no less than 15-20 tons of vegetables It borders Vinh, Tien Giang Thanh Ha (Kien Giang Province ), not to mention the ride of the Tinh Bien border gate, traverse Yongjia (Triton) to Ta O (Cambodia). Sales in Cambodia said they increasingly prefer the Seven Mountains and coastal regions islet An Giang border trade in agricultural products by this diverse, abundant, easy choice, there are many kinds of vegetables suitable for the transportation and consumption of long days in the hamlets inside Cambodia.

Source: - According to Trọng Bình – Tấn Kiên

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