Peanut oil cake

Update: 9/16/2013

Oil cake is a byproduct of oil production . After oil extraction , the remaining residue is pressed into cakes called oil cake . Depending on the material that we have pressed oil cake peanut oil (peanut ) , soybean meal , oil cake thing ... distribution gear oil has long been used as an organic fertilizer or slow melt for dipping composting organic fertilizer concentrated into a very good crop .

Fertilization oil cake making plants grow lush , velvety leaves and high yield . The reason is that , in addition to oil cake protein organic ( protein ) is very high from 28-51 % , it also contains many minerals and vitamins . Especially after soaking hydrolyzed protein amino acid helps plants absorb and assimilate quickly in an efficient manner .

However, if applied directly to water , or soaking in the traditional way it has many disadvantages . For instance , as creating unpleasant odors and create conditions unfavorable for microbial growth and cause disease in plants . Also, if applied directly distributed bread and oil often expected to flies . Many have to eat the mouse .
To utilize the advantages of distributed bread and oil are the drawbacks limiting the foregoing solutions incubated with probiotics oil cake is a reasonable choice and most economical .

Break the bread into pieces small oil , then soak water when that bread is soft output incubated for approximately a week that I can use as a fertilizer and
Oil cake is one of the natural organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content , which is the residues of peanuts , sesame , coconut , soy , nuts rubber ... after oil extraction process of the processing plant

Using peanut oil cake grinding
1 . Weight: 1 kg
2 . How to use

- Because peanut oil cake scented insect seductive , if not soaked through composting or fertilizer directly to the plant which easily gives rise to leaf aphid is attacked , should combine pesticides for plant disease after injection room bean oil cake as fertilizer fertilizer phong.Phuong direct method does not cause unpleasant odors to the environment .

- The cake soaked peanut oil 1 kilo gram of peanut oil cake soaked in 7-8 liters of water between 10-15 days ( after soaking the lid closed ) , water gear oil smell very unpleasant characteristic people around, to supplement probiotics EM to apply deodorant before ( chan irrigation ) for plants with the following dosage : 200ml water oil cake soaked with 8 liters of water , mix and pour water ( scoop a shift of about 250 ml of water for a tree ) , monthly irrigation chan 2 times .


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