3 criteria for certificate export rice

Update: 9/17/2013

Ministry of Industry and Trade has launched traders planning rice exports.

Under this plan, specific objectives from 2015 to consolidate the number of traders stability, ensuring maximum 150 focal areas of operations associated with the production of major commodities rice, gradually strengthened development, production capacity, business merchants team.

About the planning criteria, the planning criteria set out for 3 certificates. Accordingly, the criteria 1: Meeting the business conditions in accordance with Decree 109/2010/ND-CP and the guiding documents.

Criteria 2, with storage, base grinding, milling of paddy and rice to meet business conditions in accordance with Decree No. 109/2010/ND-CP on 13 provinces and cities directly under the central regions Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces of Thai Binh, Hung Yen, Tay Ninh.

Criteria 3, the preferred trader or made material cooperation, order, linked to rice farmers.

To be prioritized, leading traders to be PPCs written confirmation on whether the material or performance cooperation, order, linked to rice farmers.

At the same time, the plan also set out criteria, the conditions for maintaining the certificate, including export performance (minimum of 10,000 tons / year ...) and the material, collaboration, alignment, set with the production of rice.

In addition, the plan also offers solutions and assign specific tasks that the ministries, branches and localities concerned, the Vietnam Food Association, the rice export traders need to deploy to the implementation of planning.

On the certificate in accordance with the approved plan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued a Letter dated 29.08.2013 No. 7783 sent the local Department of Trade related proposals examined, verified for all traders under the provisions of Circular No. 12/2013 dated 02.06.2013 of the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development issued the National technical Regulations and the storage Facility milled rice, milled rice, including traders sent the previous record of.

On the basis of the number of records received, the Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration and classification certificates for merchants in the planning criteria. Where the number of applications exceed the number of valid indicators of the publication and implementation of the order on the basis of the priority criteria (the materials associated with the production and export experience. ..).

In case sufficient number 150 clue in Planning, Ministry of Industry and Trade will pause to consider the dossier of traders. When traders revoked certificates, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will consider a certificate for traders with complete records, as prescribed, to meet the criteria and conditions under Decree No. 109/2010 / ND-CP and this planning. /.

According to Xuân Thân/ VOV

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