Vietnam Agricultural ready to be exported to America : Star apple Lo Ren

Update: 9/18/2013

VINAGRI News - After the European market , as planned , in 2013 there will be more kinds of specialty fruits Agency Vietnam was U.S. Quarantine ( APHIS ) code of exports to the U.S. market , in including Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apple ( Tien Giang ) .

International standards

For a long time , the quality of fruit Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apple delicious famous throughout western origin was confirmed brand from South to North , take even reach out to foreign markets . In Tien Giang , the Lo Ren star apple growing mainly in Phu Phong Huu Dao , Vinh Long and Kim Bang Chau Thanh district .

Mr. Nguyen Van Ngan - Chairman of the Cooperative Breast Lo Ren Vinh Kim said: In 2005, Lo Ren star apples are the Intellectual Property Department ( Ministry of Science and Technology ) certification trademarks and January 8.2006 , cooperative was born . From here , the cooperative has strongly by the provincial scientific guidance produced by members of GlobalGAP standards . After nearly a year to pass the stringent requirements , to May 4.2008 , Cooperative Breast milk products Lo Ren Vinh Kim has been certified Global GAP standards to begin to conquer the European market .

Mr Ngan said : After more than 7 years was established , so far the cooperative has 102 members , growing by 55.3 ha GlobalGAP standards , the average yield is about 500 tons / year . In 2008, this was the first cooperative was 2 tons of apples to Russia . " Left breast milk production under GlobalGAP the fruit harvest with beautiful colors , pink crust , to look equally stunning . Average yield per hectare from 12-15 tons ( lowest price 30000-60000 / kg ) , an income of about 300 million VND / ha / year " - Mr Ngan said .

After being recognized GlobalGAP standards , brand Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apples increasingly popular , many domestic and foreign partners to contact contracting exports and consumption . To date , Lo Ren star apple products were present in many supermarkets in the country , particularly dominate and consume most northern markets .

Need the support of the State

In order to improve the quality and shelf life of breast milk left after harvesting , active in signing consumption , expanding markets at home and abroad , recently Cooperative Breast Vinh Kim Lo Ren has strongly investment products in the packaging materials of Yonghe village , Vinh Kim commune with funds invested nearly 430 million concessional loan from the Development Fund for science and technology Tien Giang . The package is built according to GlobalGAP standards to ensure sanitary conditions and food safety , with a total area of ​​252m2 , including major items : The packing ( material reception room , sorting room , packing room ) , cold storage and other auxiliary equipment .

Ms. Nguyen Hong Thuy, deputy director of Tien Giang Department of Science and Technology , said: " Last time , the Department has implemented programs to support comprehensive development of products Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apple , with the goal of building specialized areas apple tree GAP standard applies , for export . Next time , to reach into the U.S. market advantage , easily, the Department will continue to direct research to find a way to preserve the harvest most effective way .

But also by the 102 members of the Cooperative Breast Lo extremely excited by the news hard market U.S. agricultural products will allow their local specialty approach to market your country . Mr. Nguyen Van Cong Vinh Kim commune elated : " The breast milk commodity export access to the U.S. market would be a good sign , excited for the garden . However, because this is a difficult market to be in front of the garden needed a lot of support from scientists , local government information from access to export markets . "

" Difficulties and obstacles biggest cooperative is faced post-harvest preservation . Characteristics of breast milk can be stored in just time from 12-13 days , while the partner's needs often require time is 20 days , so it will be very difficult to solve problems in the process market , conquering Europe " - Mr. Nguyen Van Ngan worry .

He Thousand further analysis : To reach the U.S. market in a convenient, fully- qualified , demanding of the partners need to meet the three most important factors are : Capital , told post-harvest management and production areas of focus. Cooperative has proposed to the Institute for Southern fruit how to be a focus area production processes to properly consider the U.S. certification , the level of production code . At first, this year at any cost Cooperative will offer Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apples over America .

It is known to produce raw materials for export , Tien Giang recently centralized facilities complete technical infrastructure for specialized areas . The province also plans to expand the area of ​​Vinh Kim Lo Ren star apples up to 5,000 ha in 2015 .

Source: - Duc Khanh

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