Rosin prices rise at the end of the harvest season

Update: 9/18/2013

From April to early May , resin prices in Lang Son province only 21000-23000 / kg , but this mid- August to resin price increases 38000-40000 / kg , making the growers very excited .
Lang Son is one of the provinces with the largest forest area , about 80,000 ha , catches resin at 12000-13000 tons / year .

These days , much to the growing district of Lang Son as : Dinh Lap , Cao Loc , Loc Binh Dinh Chi Lang Trang ... and everywhere heard the excited talk of higher resin prices . Currently, the price of 1kg resin is 38000-40000 thousand dollars in the original ( higher from 15000-19000 / kg compared to the beginning of the season ) .

Talk to us, Mr. Hoang Van Dung bestowed village , commune By Khanh Loc Binh District excited said: " My family tree mining 1,000 , 7 days a resin collected 120kg , sold for 40,000 VND / kg " . Thus, average people here earn nearly 20 million trees dong/1.000 / month .

Thanks to rising resin prices , many people exploit it has formed a team to purchase large resin , each commune average approximately 10 resin buyers to resell for profit. Anh Hoang Van Body - a collection of specialized resins in rural Long First , Khoái Yen , Loc Binh District , said: "

Even now, rising resin prices fluctuated , but also a lot of people scrambling to buy . On average, each day I gain more than 2 tons of resin for all goods sold in China to eat the difference and earn 300000-500000 e / d " .

According to the growers here , said the cause of the resin price increases by the end of the fishing season for the resin to about 2 months to finish up the Chinese factories boost revenue to buy goods produced in winter . At the same time, because many forest areas have exploited many years ago that led to scarcity of resin supply .

However, as recommended by the relevant agencies , citizens should not see higher resin prices present that massively exploited , as this will cause increased production of turpentine and resin prices will fall . At the same time , people should not be exploited because of the small pine forest that is only 2-3 years mining will dry plastic tree and died , only plastic on the exploitation of the forest was old enough ( 12-15 years) .


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