Hung Yen longan wait "throne"

Update: 9/21/2013

Logan is one of the fruit of Hung Yen strategy, things left by "the King" has a high economic value (average of 200 million VND / ha / year).

According to Le Van Luong - Director of Center for Applied Science and Technology Advancement, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen longan, present scale label focused on 3,000 ha, the average production of approximately 40,000 tonnes province / year.

Products are mainly for domestic consumption or export over-quota to China, but still have a collectors with prices ranging from 40000-50000 / kg depending on the time, very precarious. With nearly 40 years with the brand growing and breeding, Mr. Chu Van Vang (Team 7, Da Hoa Commune, Binh Minh, Khoai Chau) said: "Labels that are exported to the U.S., farmers are excited, because if the U.S. will not only mark the price many times higher than domestic exports that would be stable.

Currently Hung Yen longan prices are very low, is not commensurate with the brand, if the U.S. market prices rise, people are tending label conditions, the quality will definitely like this better. " According to Ngo Van Thai - DOST Director of Hung Yen province, the province is waiting for the official decision from the United States to open their markets for Hung Yen label.

"To put the results in the American label is not simple, because this is a big market, hard. For this, Hung Yen longan must meet the requirements that its partners, namely the cultivation methods. Must statistical categories pests, diseases, chemicals, and biological processes using harvesting, packaging, postharvest preservation "- Mr. Thai said. Currently, the trademark "Hung Yen longan" has been registered for protection.

The province is gearing up to build brand "Geographical Indications" and will be completed in 2014. Also, he adds Thai, along with the construction of "geographical indications", the province is leading the departments, in collaboration with the nested labels conduct enhanced training, technological transfer for people, especially the construction of calibration process includes 3 specific stage:

Opt same label standards, building production process VietGAP label standards, building and planning 2 major label specialized areas (Hung Yen City area and the label later Khoai Chau).


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