Dong Thap: husks prices increase

Update: 9/25/2013

The winter-spring and summer, the price of rice husk just under 150,000 VND / ton, in the autumn and winter, the price of rice husk has doubled.

Currently, prices range from 450000-500000 dong / ton, an increase of around 300,000 VND / ton, caused by crop winter wheat yield reduction compared to spring and summer to husk material scarcity, insufficient supply for many wood processing facilities in exporting rice and other provinces.

The owner said rice millers, rice prices may continue to rise in the future, because the owners husk firewood production is exported to enlist temporary storage to purchase enough materials husk production at the end of the year, and in sufficient quantity to meet the contract husk firewood for brick manufacturing facility in the country and for export.

According to N.H/



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