Pineapple merchandise reached record prices in Hau Giang

Update: 9/26/2013

In the past 2 months, the price of commercial pineapple constantly high and the highest level ever. Currently traders bought pineapple cultivation at prices from 5,500 to 5,800 VND / results (ranging from 1 kg or more), up from 1,000 to 1,500 VND / performance compared to the same period last year.

Especially with the price point up to 6,200 to 6,300 pineapple copper / results - is the farmer level is record high for ever. Particularly pineapples sold in the market with prices ranging from 7,000 to 8,000 VND / results.

Wang Ming Binh, Thanh An hamlet, Hoa Tien commune, Vi Thanh town, Hau Giang Province, said so far, pineapple growers here have never sold at a higher price as this year. Every year, prices remain high only pineapple in half last month reduced, especially after the holidays 2/9 at about 3,000 to 3,500 VND / results.

This year alone, the price of pineapples at a high level lasted 2 months in a row. This, she makes me excited, eager to harvest ripe pineapple color. Currently, his family planted 1.5 hectares of pineapple Binh, after deducting expenses, gains of 30 to 40 million VND / ha / year.

Mr. Vu Suoi, chairman of Pineapple Growers Cooperative Thanh Thang, Vi Thanh city, said, alternately sunny and rainy weather in recent years are favorable conditions for the development of pineapple, so the output and quality of pineapple this year than in previous years.

Besides, Thai farmers information gradually eliminating a significant area of pineapple, pineapple plus the reverse end over the lack of service provision should have pushed prices higher. More good news, in recent years, the product is stable so farmers can confidently invest, expand the area.

In particular, many local pineapple is identified key economic crops, reducing poverty, helping farmers increase their incomes, poverty. Despite this, people still worry because the product output current is only dependent on dealers, retail customers, no business stand out product consumption, stable purchasing.

Hau Giang province has an area of approximately 1.600ha pineapple, average yield of 15 tonnes / ha, total production reached 26,000 tons / year. "Pineapple Casting Hau Giang Bridge" has long become a familiar brand with consumers by refreshing sweetness.

Specific feature of this breed is left pineapple shaped elegant, short stem, small core, bulging eyes, deep set eyes, dark yellow flesh, low profile, low water, eat crunchy and sweet. In particular, pineapple' Cau Duc weighing 1.5 to 2 kg / results, it is possible to about 10-15 days to rot. The pineapple planting local casting if other poor quality results, not by land area planted in Hau Giang. /.

According to Huỳnh Sử (TTXVN) -

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