Ginger price suddenly increased

Update: 9/27/2013

Many farmers in the district ginger U Minh Thuong (Kien Giang) is excited ginger prices boomed again after 2 years dropped significantly.
Ginger is the first time for traders to take garden purchase price from 15,000-17,000 VND / kg, 5 times higher than the lowest price point. With this, each of ginger for about 100 million revenue (yield 6-7 tons / public), except interest expense was 60-70 million.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development U Minh Thuong, ginger for the district this year sowed 32 hectares, with 1/10 compared to the peak.
The reason is in 2 consecutive years ginger lose value, plus the rot root disease causing severe harm many farmers lost money, had transferred to other plants. According, ginger prices will continue to rise in the future due to demand ingredients ginger candy, jam end of the year.
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