Vietnam mushroom : big export pottential

Update: 3/10/2013

The mushroom exports are highly profitable when many households and businesses to take advantage of the favorable natural conditions and agricultural residues such as straw , sawdust, corn ...
Mushrooms are considered green products are not used by the plant protection drugs , drugs . Nutrient-rich mushrooms will be used to treat a number of diseases , Ganoderma mushroom , abalone mushroom growing domestic market and the world liked and trusted by users .
Ms. Le Ngoc Ha Mong said , to qualify for export , lingzhi , Abalone Mushrooms of Vietnam is produced by VietGAP standards . Accordingly , a separate cage to grow mushrooms with other farming areas not affected by pesticides , toxic chemicals from the environment as well as to control harmful microorganisms .
Currently, Vietnam exports each month fungus Ganoderma 100 - 200kg red VietGAP through Laos , Thailand for $ 1.5-2 million / kg . Enterprises are studying , for a bagged tea product line , juice from red lingzhi to bring to the market this 2 .
According to the Department of Crop Production report , each year the country produced about 250,000 tons of fungi . This number is still relatively modest compared to the potential fungal development is at the local level .
Moreover, the mushroom is still small , and dispersed to the collection of large amounts of mushrooms for export quality is very difficult .
" One kilogram of fresh water lingzhi priced 300000-500000 but after the processing , packaging , business can be sold at prices above 1 million. If exported to neighboring countries like Laos , China , prices could also team up again , "said Nguyen Truong Son - owner of a business acquisition, processing and export of fruits and vegetables in Dong Thap said .


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