Dried banana for export from Dong Nai

Update: 7/10/2013

In Thong Nhat District , which many specialty is probably best remembered fried plantains , dried bananas .
Bananas are quite special here , crisp and fleshy sweetness mingled with the smell of ginger , sesame seeds On the day of the near and far to be preferred .
Dong Nai has nearly 7,200 hectares of banana , but nearly half of the banana focus in Thong Nhat district . To enhance the value of banana trees , many have opened production facilities dried bananas , fried .
Specialities appear
Fried Bananas in Thong Nhat district a decade . But in 2005, new furnace production appear to have large quantities and sold in Central , North.
Region Quang Trung commune , Gia Kiem ( Thong Nhat District ) and Binh Thanh , Cay Gao ( Trang Bom district ) have a lot of hills and rocks .
Unfortunately the rocky hills vacant , people took advantage to growing bananas , corn and pipe tobacco , beans ... But over the years , just as durable banana trees remain . It was more hilly rocky soil made ​​this the banana fruit when ripe plump and delicious than the other .
Mr. Nguyen Van An , agricultural officials Quang Trung commune , said : " Particularly Quang Trung nearly 20 banana processing facility , consume tens of tons of fresh fruit / day . Also thanks to the processing facility that banana banana output of the neighborhood and the region stable , high price " .
Source: - Huong Giang
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