Bamboo shoot prices up sharply

Update: 8/10/2013

Architecture bamboo shoots filling bring high economic efficiency for farmers Hamlet Hamlet 2 and 3 , Thanh Tam Commune ( Chon Thanh ) . This year the rainy season to early rainy season should be concrete .
In both Hamlet 2 , 3 , dozens of families with bamboo cultivation area of ​​about 100 ha . Bamboo structures fill large investment , easy to care for . Cement plants in the rainy season lasts from April to September , the most topical in the June , 7 , 8 .
Family Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh in group 5 , 3 village , Thanh Tam commune planted 2 hectares of bamboo shoots filling structure . How a family once she collected shoots . On the main day she received about 300 kg cement . Price started the season 26 thousand / kg , in the case reduced to 10 thousand / kg .
After deducting the cost of her family every year over 120 million Oanh revenue from selling bamboo shoots . Ms. Oanh said : " In recent years the price shoots high bamboo many people ." The time was late in the season should cement her family Oanh is investing as seedlings .
He Jiangsu Jincheng 2 hamlet , Thanh Tam commune attached to bamboo structures fill many years . He planted about 1.5 ha of bamboo shoots are in the best period of exploitation . Each 1 ha for the collection of 20 tons of bamboo shoots , except scripture cost him nearly 100 million.
Bamboo shoots and is not affected by pests, easy to grow , harvest is not dependent on the weather . The UK said: " Growing bamboo a year for harvest , just a caregiver is 2 ha . Price shoots season 25-26 thousand / kg . High income risks without fear of the harvest " .
Other farmers in the village , at the end of last season , then transferred to seedlings to sell , he left The old bamboo trees or plants , and dig , root up , fertilizing , watering the trees to harvest fruit services .
Bamboo shoots less capital investment , planting techniques and care simple , easy living bamboo , resistant to extreme weather . The beauty , the benefits of bamboo shoots is just planting a continuous harvest time in many years . Moreover, bamboo can be grown outside the field, garden , take advantage of coastal land in the pond , stream .
Department Cement Cement price increases in 2012-2013 from 1,000 to 2,000 VND / kg , so the family bamboo shoots very excited . Bamboo has contributed to the enrichment of agriculture .
According to Tien Cong (BInh Puoc news) -
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