Cheap Black Garlic

Update: 8/10/2013

Whereas before, you want to use this precious foods consumers purchase orders from abroad is now possible to buy in Vietnam with a much cheaper price.
Around the world , Japan has invented technology that I come from the years 2005 to 2006 . By 2008 , black garlic products have appeared in many Japanese restaurants .
Gradually I came to Japan are exported to many countries and most of the class just for more money because the price is quite expensive , the money Vietnam at about 1.2 to 1.5 million / pack ( 150 gr ) .
According to the research findings of scientists , I came out of the precious medicine nutrition is also good for people with heart disease , protecting liver cells , used well in the case of hepatitis, cirrhosis , liver fat , protects hematopoietic organs , digestion , sleep and eat good help , especially in the elderly ...
Journal of Nutrition American Dietetic Association has also published information on research results of many experts assert black garlic prevents depletion of NK cell immunity in patients with pre-cancer , enhance tumors resistant to ...
As in Vietnam , the Army Medical Academy is the first successful study of fermentation processes as well as chemical composition and biological effects of black garlic is created in the state -level projects .
Accordingly , black garlic is fermented products from garlic often in a long time , black , sweet , not spicy pungent garlic smell and often work more than a dozen times paramount.
Recently , a boring company Saigon Minh Kiem( HCMC ) has also produced successful black garlic but the form of technology transfer from Japan . It is natural fermentation technology , including process cooling , heating , humidity alternating in time from about 45-90 days .
Cooling time , heat will be adjusted for the difference in the black garlic tastes different . To get the product in accordance with the interests of Vietnam , this unit takes about a year to adjust .
Currently black garlic sold in Vietnam is approximately 220,000 dong/100 gr . This price is much cheaper than black garlic is produced in Japan , is even cheaper than the black garlic from China produced about 30 % . " The company also has processing plants built in Binh Duong province with an area of approximately 500 m2 .
Technology requires more rigorous response to the new stage of the garlic with high quality , ensure food safety and absolute and not affect the surrounding environment , "said Nguyen Leo Long , Director search company Saigon Minh Kiem said .
According to Cẩm Nhi/ Thannienonline news
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