Seedless lime export to Europe

Update: 9/10/2013

Hau Giang province seedless lemon exports to a number of Middle Eastern countries, Europe for 10,000-30,000 VND / kg depending on the season.
With the growing model seedless lemon VietGAP standards, GlobalGAP, Agricultural Cooperative in Thanh Phuoc Hau Giang has stable markets and export to many countries.
Cooperative is 100ha planted seedless lemon VietGAP standards, GlobalGAP with 80 members. The members were shown how pruning and fertilizing reasonable result, production logging, how to care for fruit, leather ball. Seedless Lemons Cooperatives of long-term consumption at Co-op Mart supermarkets, the company sold and exported to some countries in the Middle East and Europe for $ 10,000-30,000 VND / kg depending seasonal.
Chairman of the Cooperative, Mr.Nguyen Van Chien said seedless citrus fruit big, shiny skin, no seeds again, many domestic consumers should be favored. Cooperative Initially only 10 seedlings were then planted on 100 hectares of the present.
In 2010, the cooperative's agriculture planting instructions seedless lemon VietGAP standards, in 2012 the plant according to GlobalGAP standards to meet quality imports in some countries.
Each month cooperative harvest about 45 tons of lime to sell the place, in addition to the cooperative members also produce seedlings for sale to farmers and seed growers with an estimated population of 100,000 trees per year. With seedless lemon trees, the cooperative members earn 3-5 million VND / person / month, many poor households jumped from wealthier. Lemon is one of the seedless plants effectively reduce poverty of Hau Giang.
Cooperatives are expanding the area planted to citrus, accept more members and synchronization techniques applied in most seedless citrus acreage to further expand the market and increase the value of lemon Hau Giang particles.
Deputy Agriculture Minister Ngo Minh Chau Thanh Long said planting seedless lemon VietGAP standards, GlobalGAP help farmers change practices towards scientific care, stable output and prices.
Agriculture will continue to support the Phuoc Thanh Cooperative care techniques, how to select seedlings, organic fertilizers, plant protection drugs to meet market demand, increasing people's income and create products are highly competitive on the domestic market and export.
According to VietnamPlus
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