Vinh Loi: Intensive vegetable growing

Update: 12/10/2013

The winter here is really the main crop with 80 % of the area planted vegetables ...
By Vinh Loi these days , people witnessed the scene of a bustling village rich : vegetable fields stretching , the solidly built homes , motorcycles , trucks on the busy shipping vegetables in the provinces for consumption ... see comment on a society of many specialized areas such vegetables for this error .
According to Mr. Xie Xuan Vien , deputy chairman of Vinh Loi , agricultural land area of Vinh Loi not large , with over 340 hectares , of which 80 ha are farmers growing vegetables . This is also the main crop and enrichment of farmers in the winter .
In society , all from permanent housing , to transportation , modern audio-visual ... all thanks to the income from vegetables and livestock . With specialized farming more than 80 hectares of crops , farmers have turned round to Vinh Loi 5 , 6 cases / year .
The boundary between the spring-summer season , summer and winter annual blurred , because people here do not rest for the land , with the continuous rotation , intercropping . The entire population has nearly 1,000 households grow vegetables all year round , most concentrated in rural Go Hu Wenming , Waterfront ... The vegetables grown are diverse , ranging from spices to the cabbage, kohlrabi , tomatoes , beans
Mr. Nguyen Van Cau Go Hu said the village head , the village has 80 % of vegetable growers , the variety grown from 6 to 8 acres , home to grow at least 2 acres . Years ago , people used only 2 crops of rice , winter to bare soil .
From 2005 to now , Go ahead of Hu 's rural communes in plant restructuring , focusing on the development of vegetable growing .
Vice Chairman Xie Xuan Vien Vinh Loi said the planned winter 2013 , Vinh Loi will be 130/135 ha of vegetable crops , which are mostly early vegetable crops , cauliflower , tomatoes , beans and other spices .
Society is always favorable to the Provincial Agricultural Extension Center , districts often help social care , organizing technical training safe vegetable production , which guide people to a vegetable market commodity prices high value .
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